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Busy Season Zen: Time To Pay the Dog Tax

Playing Overwatch recently, I lucked out and managed to solo queue with a decent group of players in Quick Play of all places. I realize this is going to go over your head if you don’t play the game, so for those of you who don’t, let’s say if Quick Play were an accounting firm it would definitely be Grant Thornton. In other words, totally disorganized players who don’t give a shit and lose a lot. Anyhoo, I found some decent randoms so we grouped up and had a pretty decent run playing together and — gasp — talking in team chat. Turns out my new friends were all over, including a kid in the Bahamas and a Canadian.

Between rounds, we got to talking about what we do (try explaining “I make dick jokes about the accounting profession” as a job to a 10-year-old in another country), what we’re into other than Overwatch, you know, all that stuff. Of course since I was team leader the topic of cats came up. I immediately demanded my new teammates pay the cat tax when they mentioned their own cats and was surprised when one came through, with a bonus dog tax payment attached. Now, I don’t believe anyone should overpay taxes, but in this case I was thrilled.

It got me thinking … dogs don’t get nearly enough love around these parts. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I don’t have them. I love bumping into the dogs around my neighborhood when I’m out for a walk, and subscribe to a good handful of dog-centered subreddits just to get my fix (don’t tell my cats, they get easily triggered, the snowflakes).

All that to say, when this popped up in my YouTube recommended this morning, I just knew this had to be our Busy Season Zen for the week. This place definitely needs more dogs. Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough. Here you go and enjoy.

Need more Zen? Can’t guarantee there will be dogs but we’ve got ya anyway.