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Think of the Tax Preparers, John Boehner!

The tax code is way too complex, you guys. But House Speaker John Boehner has a solution, and it means putting every Liberty Tax sign spinner back in the unemployment line:

WOW. If I were the average mouthbreathing American with a "Keep Honking, I'm Reloading" bumper sticker on the back of my Ford F150, I'd say Mr. Boehner's plan sounds fantastic. Taxes are a pain, and I'm sure it's Obama's fault somehow even though he has nothing to do with the tax code and he thinks the accountants are to blame.

Since I am not the average mouthbreathing American with a "Keep Honking, I'm Reloading" bumper sticker on the back of my Ford F150, I have to question one part of his plan: making the tax code so simple, most mouthbreathing American families can do their own taxes.

Here's the whole plan for simplifying our tax code:

Here are examples of ways we could turn our tax code from a weakness into a strength so that it helps make our country a more attractive place to start and grow a business, and make it easier for families to do everything from buy a home to save for college and reirement:  

  • Lower the corporate tax rate.
  • Modernize the taxation of companies doing business abroad.
  •  Lower and simplify the rates paid by individuals and pass-through businesses.
  •  Simplify the tax code for families and businesses, so families can do their own taxes and businesses can plan for the future, and neither can wonder if someone else is getting a better deal.
  • Simplify the maze of credits and deductions families use for things like education and retirement planning. 
  • Reform the IRS to make it more accountable to taxpayers and less susceptible to bureaucratic abuse.

No doubt something should be done to simplify the tax code, but does H&R Block have to go out of business to accomplish that? What about all the Mort Friedman, CPA offices in strip malls across America that see the bulk of their revenue from personal and simple business returns? THINK OF MORT FRIEDMAN, BOEHNER!

The funny thing is this is part of his five point plan for resetting America's economic foundation. "Reset" would certainly be a good word for it if all those Liberty Tax sign spinners were forced to find gainful employment elsewhere. Haven't those people suffered enough?