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November 24, 2022

They’re Making it Rain Pens at the IIA Conference in Philly

BREAKING from a tipster apparently attending the fall conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors:

2 hours into the IIA Philly conference and I already have 5 free pens. Score!

If you'd said two pens, I'd say the claim is immaterial but when you get into five… sorry, bro, but I'm going to need photographic confirmation on this. Are they good pens or those busted Bic ones? Have they actually been given to you or are you running from table to table taking as many as you can get your greedy little paws on? We need these details.

While we're on the topic of tchotchkes (sort of), anyone want to set up a tchotchke swap? Here's what I can put on the table:

  • AICPA/KPMG tote bag (the *good* kind of tote bag with a zipper and pockets and stuff)
  • Approximately 47 Bic pens lifted from the JW Marriott while attending AICPA events
  • AccountingWEB metal water bottle with half a logo remaining
  • AICPA water bottle
  • Wiss & Company water bottle
  • Various AccountingWEB/GC Post-it notes
  • AccountingWEB hand sanitizer pen… no wait, I'm keeping that one, it's freaking genius and comes in handy when I'm shaking hands
  • Reznick "fake" Rubiks cube
  • Old logo EY note-taking booklet with tiny little Post-its
  • Freshbooks floppy beach hat
  • Up to 70 old logo Going Concern luggage cozies

I also have a nice assortment of media and Fed items but the only thing I'm willing to trade of my Fed collection is bags of shredded money in denominations of $100, of which I have an unlimited supply. HMU, people.

OP, please check back in about the pens.

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