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There’s a Hidden Deloitte Auditor in the Airport Cell Phone Crasher Video Making the Rounds

A tipster alerted us to the fact that there is a Deloitte auditor hiding in the "Cell Phone Crashing at the Airport" video that you've probably seen shared on your Facebook newsfeed no less than, what, 50 times today? See if you can spot her.

Inevitably, one of you is going to be like "OMG!!1!!! I WORK WITH THAT GIRL" so no need to out her, PLEASE. If you must, I guess there are way worse things to be outed for on GC, especially since she was an innocent victim of this guy's IRL trolling and took it quite well. According to the tipster, she is "literally the nicest and most genuine person you will ever meet." Good thing, because if this guy did that to me at the airport I would probably punch him in the balls.

Well done, nice auditor lady!