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The Reason You’re in Therapy? Probably Those Auditors

frustration.jpgThe temptation to discuss the Big 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse here is obvious, as many of you toil for those firms.
In order to give the non-public number crunchers out there a chance to gnash some teeth, we are inviting those of you that work on the private side of the bean counting universe to vent your frustrations here with your public counterparts.
As we mentioned earlier, accelerated filers have the Q2 filing deadline on Monday so we know you’ve been up to your ass in auditors for some time now and we imagine your irritation levels are somewhere between googolplex and critical mass.
We’re looking for stupid auditor questions, awkward sexual advances by the engagement team’s intern, whatever you got. This is your chance, non-public accountants. Make haste before you’re beaten to the chance.