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Just What Every Accountant Wants for Valentine’s, Another Calculator

It is either sad or awesome that of the two top posts in /r/accounting about V Day gifts received from loved ones both involve number-crunching. What happened to the good old fashioned box of chocolates and a coupon for a free, totally non-sexual massage?

Our first contender sort of reminds me of those weird plastic figurines you get at the zoo that always come out of the machine all weird and stinky like a tire fire:

The valentine's day present my boyfriend got me.

This guy is smart. Chocolate (that is chocolate, right?) and numbers in one? Brilliant, he's definitely getting some tonight. Although I'm not sure I would put that in my mouth. The chocolate, I mean.

And here we have another accountant gift that clearly took a little bit of thought. What does a girlfriend buy for the boyfriend who has everything? This, natch:

Girlfriend got me a pretty sweet valentines day present. Yeah.. It's wireless.

Anyone out there get anything cool? My biggest gift today was the fact that Colin is out of town and therefore mostly stayed off my ass except for a text or two (yay!).