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The President Wants Your Ideas On Tax Reform

obama_point.jpgNo, seriously. Get on this. Now before you libertarian types start screaming for abolishment or fans of Teve Torbes start demanding a flat tax, the Briefing Room Blog states that, “The mandate to the [President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board] is NOT to recommend a new tax system.” Their emphasis, so that means they’re serious. No messing about the current system because it’s just fine, thanks.
So, sorry people, taxation with incompetent representation will continue but this is your chance to get off your asses and at least pretend like you’re making something happen.
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But don’t even think about raising taxes on the middle class, however you choose to define it, “They were instructed not to consider options that involve raising taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year. So be mindful of their constraints when submitting ideas.”
There, now if you had career changing moment this week, this is your chance to give back. So take a week to think about it and then sober up and get to work. You’ve got until October 15th, a familiar deadline. See? They’re thinking about you.
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