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Some Douchey Deutsche Bank Executives Celebrated Mass Layoff Day In Style

And the winners of the “Asshole of the Month” award are … :

Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing says he reprimanded executives for having expensive custom suits tailored the day that mass layoffs hit the troubled bank’s offices in London, New York and Tokyo.

Two tailors were photographed coming out of the German bank’s London office on Monday [July 8]. Originally, the men were incorrectly identified as employees who had been sacked.

In reality, they were at Deutsche’s London office to fit $1,800 suits for senior staff who were not hit by the job cuts, according to a report in Financial News.

Deutsche Bank announced earlier this month that it was shutting down its global stock trading business and cutting 18,000 jobs in a massive restructuring to improve its profitability.

During an interview with a German newspaper, Sewing wouldn’t say whether the executives suffered any consequences for their D-baggery but suggested that he chewed their asses out.

“I assume in any case that the two colleagues will not forget my telephone call,” Sewing said.