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Thank God, This McGladrey Rebranding Thing Might Really Be Over Now

Way back in June of 2010, RSM McGladrey (aka McGladrey) and McGladrey & Pullen (aka McGladrey) announced that they would be branded under one name – McGladrey (aka McGladrey). There was a giant cake in the shape of a putting green – that NO ONE jumped out of – to celebrate the occasion and one office even served up some mystery drink that thankfully didn't kill anyone (AS FAR AS WE KNOW).

You probably thought to yourself, like many of us did, that this was the end of this particular story. "Oh, they changed their name? That's fucking wonderful," you may have said to yourself and you moved on to more important things.

There have been moments of confusion since then, but maybe I just didn't take the time to understand the subtle differences between McGladrey & Pullen (aka McGladrey) and RSM McGladrey (aka McGladrey). Then, last fall, RSM McGladrey (aka McGladrey) announced that it would be purchasing McGladrey & Pullen (aka McGladrey) after H&R Block kicked RSM McGladrey (aka McGladrey) to the curb for $600 million. This made a lot of people happy, but there was some collateral damage as a result of the deal. All this has been a lead us up to today with this latest announcement from the firm:

McGladrey & Pullen, LLP [aka McGladrey], the nation's fifth largest provider of assurance, tax and consulting services under the McGladrey brand, announced today the change of the firm's name to McGladrey LLP. This change follows the acquisition of RSM McGladrey [aka McGladrey] by McGladrey & Pullen [aka McGladrey] last November and further aligns the firm's name with its brand, which was launched in June 2010. "The purpose of reuniting our firms was to enhance our ability to provide clients with world-class solutions to drive their success," said Joe Adams, managing partner and CEO for McGladrey [aka McGladrey]. "This change represents the last stage in our transition process to a single partner-owned CPA firm. It also more closely ties our firm's name to the strong brand we have been building in the marketplace and underscores our commitment to understanding growing organizations and providing quality, integrated services to help them succeed."
There you have it. One firm. One name. We can only hope this is truly the end of the confusion.
[via McGladrey (aka McGladrey)]