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Monday Morning Accounting News Briefing: PwC India Hiring; CFO Expectations; EY’s Sales Pitch | 8.29.22

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“Why aren’t there resources to help those with private loans get forgiveness?” asks a 34-year-old accountant who paid off $100,000 in private student loans. “It’s like I was told that if I went to college I’d be able to get a good job and support myself and family, and that’s just not always true in our current environment.” A former chief accounting officer of two businesses in Ohio gave herself a $36 per week raise and extra bonuses of $600 and $1,200, signing the checks with a rubber stamp of her boss’s signature. Deloitte Survey: Nearly half of CFOs expect a recession in North America by 2023, but more are concerned about inflation. A Pace University student on what a typical day as an EY intern looks like: At EY, every day is different. One day we could be in the Stamford, Connecticut office and the next we could be in the NYC office—or even at a client’s office. I work on different tasks that include internal controls, walkthrough evidence, and independence documentation. On top of the audit work, we go through trainings and webcasts and meet with various employees. IRS has $80 billion coming, it should be spent on answering the phone. PwC India to hire 10,000 people over next 3-4 years.

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Helluva sales pitch there, EY:

r/accounting discusses “quiet quitting”

A few things we’re working on this week:

  • An exit opportunity you haven’t considered;
  • Should accountants be worried about a recession? We’ll look back at 2008 and tell you what to expect;
  • Accountants behaving badly;
  • Keeping an eye on LinkedIn for corny intern posts;
  • A WFH protip;
  • Where the fuck are all the auditors!?

Lastly, here’s some oddly satisfying background music to help you get through the week. Be well, everyone.