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#TBT: Which Former Big 4 CEO Did This Boy Scout Grow Up to Be?

While you're busy pulling out your embarrassing school photos from the 80s, we're digging up oldies from Big 4 hotshots because hey, what else is there to do on a Thursday?

Who do we have here on the right?

Let's see… squeaky clean, wholesome young man… well that could be anyone, really.

Click on over for to page 2 the answer (no cheating if you already know this one).

It's none other than the former CEO who didn't go to graduate school but instead earned an advanced degree in leadership and organization while serving The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — former Deloitte CEO Jim Quigley! He earned his accounting degree from Utah State in 1974 and holds an honorary Doctor of Commercial Science from Bentley College.