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A Tax Shelter Board Game Is a Thing That Exists

Thanks to the Internet Jungle known as Reddit, TIL that there is a board game called Stick The IRS — The Tax Shelter Game. YES.

Here's the description on Amazon:

The players move around the colorful board, landing on opportunities to earn income, spend money on non-deductible expenses and to purchase a variety of tax shelters. In addition, the players have have a chance to receive "annual reports" that determine whether the tax shelter investment made them rich or, as in most "real life" shelters, turn out to be a bust. Finally, an exposure to the horrors and humor of audit lurks with every roll of the dice. Drilling for oil in Hawaii, establishing a baseball team in Alaska, reviving an old motion picture, and building ski condos in Texas are just a few of the fun and exciting tax shelter opportunities that the player is offered in STICK THE IRS. Although humorous and in good taste, the game also offers certain educational benefits in highlighting the good and the bad in the use of shelters to reduce taxes. The player who manages to best use his income, his CPA and his shelters, and therefore who manages to pay the least tax, is the winner, having successfully been able to STICK THE IRS. * * * Sticking the IRS does not require pins or needles or knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code. It takes 2-6 adult "Taxplayers" who are willing to take a chance with a "Tax Shelter" that may give financial security or may backfire. After four tours around the board, the Taxplayer who has the most after-tax cash wins the game and has been successfully been able to STICK THE IRS * * * The cost of this game may be tax deductable – see your tax advisor!

Fun facts: The item model number is 1040 and it currently ranks #414,659 in Toys & Games which is a shame.

This is perfect for those times when you're putting in face time during busy season and you need to waste an hour or two or three. OR! OR! It'll be the most popular white elephant gift at your next holiday party.

This treasure can be all yours for $23.99. Pick it up wherever tax shelter games are sold.