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Tax Professionals: Tell Us the Lame Last-minute Excuses Clients Are Giving You on This Extended Filing Deadline Day

It's circa 4:30 pm on the extended filing deadline day for trust, partnership, corporation, and S-corp tax returns and that means there some piss-poor excuses being thrown your way by your most forgetful and slovenly clients who STILL aren't ready to file.

Back in April, if clients were behind on getting their books up to snuff it wasn't a big deal to simply file an extension and encourage them to finish things up quickly in order to "get this out of the way." Naturally, your most idiotic clients completely ignored this sensible advice and now find themselves up against the wall and are heaving a load of BS in your direction as to WHY they aren't ready to file their trust or business returns.

And because you're a consummate client service professional, you listen to their stories. You nod. You listen. You hold their hand and remind them that they won't be executed for their tardiness. You've heard it all before but now that we're closing in on the end of business for the east coast, it's time that you were allowed to share these stories of incompetence and laziness on the part of your clients.

It's okay. We know it's frustrating. There's nothing more you can do but share.