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Footnotes: The Coming Auditor Revolution; The Top Firms You Don’t Know; Can’t Spell ‘Emmy’ Without E&Y | 09.17.12

Auditors Look Ripe For Revolution Earlier this year, investors pushed successfully for some major U.K. companies to change their pay policies. Now they have accounting firms in their sights. Some, including Legal & General Investment Management, one of the largest owners of FTSE 100 shares, want companies to change their auditors at least every 15 years and cut back on nonaudit consultancy fees. With the European Commission already considering new legislation, company boards would do well to heed investors' calls. [WSJ]

Ban Is Issued: Auditing the Auditors [Barron's]

Hinduja Global's US subsidiary to buy Deloitte's healthcare BPO biz [Reuters]

The top 100 accounting firms you've mostly never heard of (but may end up working for some day) [AT]

Focus of AICPA’s 2012 Accounting Competition [AWEB]

President Romney's Tax Reform [Martin Sullivan]

What Mitt Romney Didn’t Learn from Ronald Reagan Somewhere, Ronald Reagan is looking on in sadness. [TaxVox]

Tax writers fire off warning to NY AG [The Hill]

Ernst & Young LLP Busy Tabulating Ballots For 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards [EY]