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Tax Professionals To Be Released Into the Wild Later Today

Many CPAs, who tirelessly put their clients' interests before their own, actually will wait until the final mail call later this afternoon to drop their returns. Only then will tax season officially end for 2012. Despite all the talk of counting down the days until the deadline, when that moment arrives, the surreality can still overwhelm even the most seasoned CPAs. 

In some remote parts of the country, this moment of ecstasy is celebrated by accountants sprinting out of their offices ripping off the musty clothes that have been worn for the last month. Others will finally shave their facial hair that has grown unabated for weeks on end. Others suffer from an annual narcoleptic episode.  And others still, will remerge from their office is a dazed state, as if they were seeing the sun for the first time again. Their families are assembled outside trying to find the man or woman who they can barely recognize. When they do find their loved one, standing in a dark corner of the parking garage, muttering to themselves, they can only hope to guide them safely into the back seat of their car in the hope that they may slowly re-acclimate to the world around them the next day.

It can be a delicate time so the process of interaction with non-accountants must be approached with caution. Eventually these creatures will realize that the next two months will be blissfully devoid of any filing deadlines and, also, that when the hour of 5 pm arrives, they may rise from their chair and go home. Sexual droughts will end. Some will even attend a child's sporting event in the evening or, in some extreme cases, on the weekend. Proceed carefully, however, as prolonged fits of enjoyment can and will occur. 

Happy October 15th, everyone.