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work life balance

PwC Director Lets His Family Know He Probably Won’t See Much of Them on Their Family Beach Vacation (UPDATED)

This is so sad. This is almost as bad as the time Moss Adams boasted about how this one guy would be working on dual monitors at the pool all weekend because flexibility. Update:¬†We received the following this morning, thought we’d share. Nice try with the hate toward someone and their family. This guy is […]

All Work-Life Balance Initiatives in the Accounting Profession Are Doomed

The concept of work-life balance in the accounting profession is well documented on Going Concern. I wanted to discuss why all work-life balance initiatives in the accounting profession will ultimately fail. I was at a conference last month and the MC Chris Helder, explained an interesting concept which I have illustrated below:

What’s the Current State of Work-Life Balance in the Accounting Profession?

Five years ago, the New York Times published an article called "Flex Time Flourishes in the Accounting Industry." It boasted about how well the firms foster work-life balance within the culture. Good on you, New York Times, except that many who work in public accounting firms tend to disagree. As GC told you then, the […]

Which Big 4 Accounting Firms Offer the Best Perks for Parents of Adoptive Children?

The last time we dared to bring up the controversial topic of paternity leave, someone suggested breeding is great and all but what about the adoptive parents out there? "Many of you will be dads one day" And what about us who are gay? And for the dumbass who is going to ask – most […]

KPMG Wants You to Think About Why Women are Paid Less Than Men

In 2013, among full-time, year-round workers, women made 78 percent of what men were paid. We knew this. What we didn't know, however, is that KPMG wants us to think about why women are paid less than men. From economia: Speaking today Ingrid Waterfield, director of KPMG’s people powered performance practice, said it was crucial […]