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Exclusive: Inside the Mind of an Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

Back when I worked in HR for a public accounting firm, it was common to receive and send out requests for best practices in employment policy.  Such information is often shared freely across non-competing firms all in support of advancing people initiatives within the profession. Most often I was (and still am) a Go-Giver in […]

Here Are Your 2012 Elijah Watt Sells Winners

*waits anxiously for Becker press release saying 42 of the 39 winners prepared for the exam using Becker products* The AICPA has announced 2012 Elijah Watt Sells Award winners or, as the haters call them, the overachievers who got a cumulative average score above 95.50 their first attempt. More than 92,000 candidates sat for the […]

Jim Turley Has All Kinds of Reasons for Supporting LGBT Inclusion

Apologies to Chuck Norris, but Jimbo didn't mention anything about pressure from the White House when he discussed his decision to oppose the Boy Scouts of America's policy of excluding gay members and leaders from its organization at the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce conference.  From the Windy City Times, in the order that […]