October 1, 2022

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Document Review Simulation

Document Review Simulation: Last Minute Tips

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Gleim CPA Review. The Document Review Simulation (DRS), a new type of Task-Based Simulation (TBS), will start appearing on the AUD, FAR, and REG sections of the CPA Exam in just one month! If you plan to sit for one of these exam sections on or after July 1, […]


The Benefits of Becoming A CPA

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Gleim CPA Review. Some titles and designations we receive when we are born: son, daughter, sister, brother. But most of the distinctions we desire in life demand more effort. Usually, the greater the cost of a designation, the greater the benefits, and that is definitely the case with the […]

CPA Exam study schedule

The Importance of Creating a CPA Exam Study Schedule

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Gleim CPA Review. No matter why or when you intend to pass the CPA Exam, the best way to maintain your motivation is to establish a CPA Exam study schedule. The benefits of creating a CPA Exam study schedule are numerous, and the process is simple, so use this […]

2017 CPA exam

How to Pass the CPA Exam Before 2017

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Gleim CPA Review. The recent release of the finalized changes to the 2017 CPA Exam has left many candidates feeling pressured to pass the current exam before the new version launches. Thankfully, with the additional testing days provided by the testing window extension and the official introduction of the […]

CPA Exam Changes

Learning About CPA Exam Changes From the AICPA

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Gleim CPA Review. Every spring, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) hosts at their New York City headquarters the American Professional Accounting Certification Providers Association (APACPA) meeting. The APACPA is a trade organization for CPA Review providers such as Gleim CPA Review, and we faithfully participate in […]

2017 CPA Exam

Finalized Changes to the 2017 CPA Exam

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Gleim CPA Review. On April 4, the AICPA published a press release confirming the final details of the 2017 CPA Exam. These details included the official launch date of the next version of the exam, April 1, 2017, the new exam’s purpose and basis, some of the definite 2017 […]

2016 CPA Exam

2016 CPA Exam Testing Window Extension and Transitional Credit

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Gleim CPA Review. The next version of the CPA Exam will introduce a significant number of changes in 2017, and NASBA is anticipating an increase in candidates in 2016 due to those upcoming changes. Because of this uptick in demand, NASBA recently revealed two CPA Exam testing updates: a […]

next version CPA Exam

The Format of the Next Version of the CPA Exam

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Gleim CPA Review. The AICPA has now revealed the structure of the next version of the CPA Exam, and candidates taking part or all of the CPA Exam after April 1, 2017, should use the latest details about the exam structure to plan effective study schedules and establish realistic […]

CPA exam score

CPA Exam Score Release Dates

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Gleim CPA Review. After months of studying for the CPA Exam, success boils down to one moment: the moment you receive your score. Your CPA Exam score determines whether all of your preparatory effort was effective, so you probably want to see your score as soon as you can. […]


Webinar | What’s the Difference Between MST, MAc, and MSA Programs

Investing in your career with an advanced accounting degree ( MST, Mac or MSA) is a great step, and you can maximize that investment by ensuring you focus in the areas that meet your interests and background. Learn how to choose between three prevalent advanced degree options – Master of Accounting, Master of Science in […]

CPA exam coaching session

Gleim CPA Exam Coaching Session

A 60-minute CPA exam coaching session taught by Gleim professor Amy Ford, CPA. This session will cover helpful exam tips about the CPA exam in general and specifically, Amy will offer coaching on the Statement of Cash Flows. This is relevant for anyone about to take the CPA or CMA exam or who is currently […]

CPA Exam

Assemble the Superhero Weapons You Need to Overcome the Changing CPA Exam

So, the powers that be have called upon you to serve humanity as a defender of accounting justice. Though you may already be equipped with your accounting degree and relevant work experience, you have yet another formidable challenge to face before you can fulfill your destiny: the CPA Exam. A great shadow falls over your […]

Review Some Software, Get Some Amazon Gift Cards

G2 Crowd has a special just for you, Going Concern readers. They want insights on various types of software, everything from Xero and QuickBooks to BaseCamp to ZenPayroll to several offerings from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and more. Over 150 products in all. Just submit a detailed, balanced, complete review of a product you currently use and they'll […]

Tips for QuickBooks Online from Fellow CPAs

The following post is sponsored content from Intuit. As a CPA, you know how time consuming it can be for you and your clients when you have to request data files to prepare your clients' taxes. Bryce Forney, CPA, demonstrates how he has easily used Intuit’s cloud-based QuickBooks Online Accountant to help him meet his […]

Check Out Our Chat with Avalara, the Sales Tax Experts, About Digital Products Taxability

The following post is sponsored content by Shane Ratigan, Content Compliance Manager at Avalara. Check back here this Wednesday at 1 pm for a live chat with Avalara who will answer your questions. You can set up a reminder below.   You don’t have to be a SALT accountant to know that sales tax is […]

What to Do When You Get a Big Pay Raise

When that first huge chunk of money hits your bank account, you may just get stars in your eyes. The accountant in you is screaming, be smart, but this ability to finally afford those expensive meals out, your brand-new apartment, and new corporate duds is oh so appealing and finally within reach. But think back […]

Career Opportunities: Mail Away Accounting Degrees

Loblaw note: this is one of those sponsored posts that no one reads.  In this day and age, no one has time to study. So that's why you should just cough up a few bucks and use your life experience to earn your advanced degree. That's right. Surviving high school alone is a feat and […]

ICYMI: Deloitte Pays the Wall Street Journal to Blog, or Something

Who knew?! I have to admit that I wasn't really paying attention, but then again, I don't really cruise the WSJ's paywalled C-suite pages that are impervious to the Google-search-the headline-for-total-access trick. But yes! Deloitte has had an exclusive deal to "sponsor a regular stream of content" at CFO Journal and CIO Journal, for some time and it's all […]

One Secret You Shouldn’t Keep From Your Managing Partner

While the concept of transparency may seem like a good thing, there are definitely some times when you want to keep secrets from your managing partner. You know what they are: texting personal messages from your cube on your cell phone, playing Words with Friends when you should be networking for referrals and, well, you […]

Five Reasons Why Your Boss Should Buy You an iPad

Don’t laugh. Mobile is the fastest growing segment in tax and accounting technology. New document presentation and file exchange capabilities make tablets the perfect complement to cloud-based data and applications. And IT departments that once recoiled in horror at anything that wasn’t Blackberry are developing a taste for Apple.  All these factors have slowly nudged […]

Let’s Cut Through the “Noise” About Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation Programs

West Virginia University’s Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation (FAFI) program, in the College of Business and Economics, is one of the most recognized and respected programs in the world. Period.

At WVU, our program is:

• based upon knowledge gained from leaders in forensic accounting-public accounting, industry, education and government, including U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
• geared toward exposing students to best practices in an expanding field of opportunities
• created by our faculty, who facilitated guidelines for the National Institute of Justice
• leading research in forensic accounting and fraud examination through the Institute for Fraud Prevention (IFP)

And we’re tailoring our graduate certificate program to fit your life — by giving you the option of enrolling in a traditional classroom program or an online program (the on-program includes two, two-day residencies on WVU’s main campus). Either way, your residencies include moot court, pitching cases to prosecutors and CSI-F (Crime Scene Investigation – Financial) experiences exclusive to WVU.

There’s a lot of white noise out there about forensic accounting and fraud investigation programs, and most of it is just that.

When the Internal Revenue Service needed to train its people in best practices for detecting fraud, identifying the real thing and collecting evidence to use in court, the agency came to WVU. The WVU Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation program offers:

• hands-on case investigations
• experiential learning
• extensive exposure to outside professionals
• moot court experience
• CSIF event
• your choice: traditional classroom or online program with on-campus residencies

And if you’re a non-West Virginia resident, you are eligible for a $4,000 scholarship.

West Virginia University’s College of Business and Economics even has the nation’s first-ever Ph.D. program in accounting that offers a specialization in forensic accounting and fraud investigation. Credibility, curriculum, commitment. That’s WVU.

The bottom line is that you want a program that is going to dramatically increase your skill set, make you a more valuable asset to your company and help move your career upward. Done.

True Confessions from the Server Room: Why “Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough in Practice Management

Are you in your office? Good. Then take this article with you back to your server room. Look around. Then ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you see any floppy disks?
2. Is there a stack of printouts in the corner?
3. Does it take more than one hand to count the anagement applications you have running?

Don’t be embarrassed. Tech anachronisms like these are the mullets of the IT world, but most of us have a few of them lying around. And chances are they’re not part of your zoomy new secure client portal, your mobile-friendly website, or any other client-facing piece of technology. No, the skeletons in your server room are probably related to the ugly stepchild of tax and accounting technology: practice management.

If you’re like a lot of firms, your practice management technology has languished for years in an ugly jumble of disparate systems that has been “good enough” since the early Clinton administration. I feel your pain. But the sad fact is, “good enough” just isn’t good enough anymore.

You can’t afford to have staff entering the same data over and over. You can’t afford to wait overnight for updates to run. You can’t afford to tell clients “I’ll check the printout and get back to you.” You can’t afford to ask your employees “How long do you think that took you?” And you certainly can’t afford their answers.

The good news is, you don’t have to. Not with the new crop of integrated practice management software that integrates thorny components like time and billing, a/r tracking, and management reporting onto one slick platform. Your staff will enter data once and make it available across the entire firm in real time. You’ll be able to see the status of all your projects, who’s working on them, and who isn’t working on much of anything, all on one convenient dashboard. You’ll have the information you need to give your clients the instant answers they demand. And since your new practice management application will be capable of operating in the cloud, it will all be available to you anytime, from any Internet connection, and even on your smartphone.

Like a lot of the recent advances in cloud-based computing and mobile technology, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. But it’s more than just cool. Instant, anytime-anywhere access to practice management information is an essential survival tool in the lean new reality of tax and accounting. And so are the reduced IT expenses that come with cloud-based software.

There’s never been a better time to exorcise the skeletons from your server room, particularly with the advances being made in integrated practice management technology. “Good enough” just might be costing you more than you think.

Learn more about what the new generation of integrated practice management software can do.