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An Interview with an Accounting Firm Partner ‘Mire-d’ In Client Service and Musicals

Welcome back to another installment of … uh … we never did name this series, did we? My bad. Well whatever, welcome back to another installment of us interviewing folks around the accounting profession who have mastered the art of working smarter, not harder. This series is brought to you by our friends at Gusto; if our interview subjects are masters at working smarter not harder, then the folks at Gusto are PhDs, at least when it comes to payroll and employee onboarding. If your resolution for 2020 is to make the switch from traditional payroll and enjoy the ease of a killer alternative, give them a shout and they’ll be happy to help you.

Marcus Mire

Today, we’re sitting down with Marcus Mire, partner at Lafayette, LA-based CPA firm PRM CPAs + Advisors LLC, and by “sitting down” we mean “sharing a convo we had with him via email a few weeks back for the purposes of this article.” Just so everyone is clear. (Conversation edited and condensed for clarity.)

Going Concern: Let’s start with the basics, tell us about PRM. Most importantly, what services do you offer?

Marcus Mire: Tax compliance and planning, advisory/consulting, bookkeeping, and payroll.

GC: So a veritable smorgasbord. What about the culture at your firm? Everyone’s always talking about firm culture.

Mire: We have a fun culture comprised of a work hard, play hard mentality. We work as a team and have each other’s back.

GC: That’s important for sure. So what made you want to join your firm?

Mire: I joined PRM after being a sole proprietor for a few years to share resources with other like-minded professionals.

GC: Alright so you’re trapped in an elevator, and the person you’re in there with is starting to panic. In order to calm them down, you make small talk. They ask you what you do for work, how do you respond?

Mire: I help clients meet their goals. Anything I can do toward that end is a win in my book.

GC: So one thing that I absolutely need in order to get my work done is Slack so my colleague can pester me about getting my weekly newsletter column to him. What tools can you not live without at work?

Mire: Xero, Teamwork, Gusto, Excel.

GC: Bonus points for the Gusto mention, well played. How’d you first hear about them?

Mire: Colleagues from across the country that I met in XPAC (Xero Partner Advisory Council) sold me on Gusto. It was a great move.

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GC: Even with a glowing recommendation, sometimes you can still be surprised once you pull the trigger. What’s been your biggest surprise about partnering with Gusto?

Mire: The ease of onboarding and the support from my rep, Griffin Kauvar. She has gone above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition for my clients.

GC: This might be a tough question because there are so many possible answers, but in your opinion, what’s the best perk of partnering with Gusto? Besides the referral bonuses, obvs.

Mire: The fact that they take tasks like payroll tax deposits and payroll tax returns off our plate and integrate with Xero.

GC: Alright, now some easy questions about YOU. What do you eat for breakfast?

Mire: I usually don’t eat breakfast.

GC: Me neither, unless coffee counts. How ’bout this: How do you relax after a stressful day?

Mire: Conversation with my wife over a glass of wine. She brings a thought process to my daily problems that is so different than mine.

GC: Lucky guy. Now tell me a fact about you that would surprise people to hear.

Mire: After watching my daughter perform in “Matilda,” I love musicals! My wife and I are going to see “Jersey Boys” soon.

There you have it, folks. If you missed our previous conversations, go ahead and catch up with Bruce Phillips of Aprio Cloud and Nayo Carter-Gray of 1st Step Accounting if you’re so inclined. So if you’re ever stuck in an elevator with either of them, you’ll be able to tell them you know a surprising fact about them that no one else could ever possibly guess. And while you’re in a click-happy mood, be sure to stop by and say hi to our friends at Gusto so you can say you were into headache-free payroll before it was cool.