September 26, 2020

How’s Your Remote Plan Going? What Worked and What Didn’t? It’s Time to Move Forward

Hey there, denizens of Going Concern. If you are a managing partner or lead an HR department, please take the 2020 Anytime, Anywhere Work (ATAWW) Survey hosted by ConvergenceCoaching LLC. This survey will be used to identify trends on how accounting and consulting firms are handling the ongoing shift, as well as the overnight transition, to remote work.

While the majority of the data collected from the survey pertains to flexible and remote work programs within accounting and consulting firms, this year ConvergenceCoaching has added questions to learn more about firms’ recent remote work shifts and what they project for remote and flexible work and service as they re-open their offices. This includes questions that refer to your practice before COVID-19, and others that ask you to imagine what might be different in the future based on your experiences during the pandemic.

ConvergenceCoaching is committed to helping firms succeed through the adoption of remote and flexible work. Part of their commitment is to study the accounting profession’s remote and flex progression, hence the reason why this survey was created.

The data from this survey will be summarized and used to identify trends that will be published in various publications and educational presentations. When you share your contact information, you will receive a copy of the survey results and could be contacted to clarify answers. ConvergenceCoaching will not disclose anything specific related to your firm’s participation in the survey without your explicit permission.

[Ed. note: This survey should be completed by accounting and consulting firms only and only one response per firm. Please respond only if you own or work within an accounting firm and coordinate between your managing partner, firm administrator/firm manager/COO, and HR professional to avoid duplicate submissions.]

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