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KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part XIV

Andrew Yates has put together a squad—six men (including Yates) and six women—who will act as his right hand when he takes over as CEO of KPMG Australia on July 1. One of the members of KPMG Australia’s new National Executive Committee is a recent refugee of PwC, according to a press release:

External hire, Dorothy Hisgrove, joins KPMG as National Managing Partner – People & Inclusion. Her most recent role was Partner and Chief People Officer at PwC Australia, and she has held previous executive positions at organisations including AFL [Australian Football League], Australia Post and NAB.

Here’s what she had to say on LinkedIn about joining the Australian House of Klynveld:

Hisgrove spent about four and a half years at (non-iconic firm, apparently) PwC Australia as partner and chief people officer, calling herself a “values-led leader who brings a deep understanding of core business drivers and is passionate about building great teams to enable organizations to transform” and who “consistently delivers strong results across profitable growth, customer, and people.”

Besides Hisgrove and Yates, the other 10 members of the new KPMG Australia NEC are:

Tanya Gilerman National Managing Partner – Risk Management, Chief Risk Officer
Ian Hancock National Managing Partner – Management Consulting & Investments
David Heathcote National Managing Partner – Deals, Tax & Legal
Amanda Hicks National Managing Partner – Client Experience & Brand
Eileen Hoggett National Managing Partner – Audit, Assurance & Risk Consulting
Paul Howes National Managing Partner – Enterprise
Karen Parkes National Managing Partner – Firm Transformation
Martin Sheppard National Managing Partner – Client Growth & Markets
Damian Templeton  Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Sarah Vega National Managing Partner – Innovation, Solutions & Ventures

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