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One Deloitte Office Wants Staff To Have a Restful Holiday With Friends, Family, and the Client

We're feeling a strong sense of bitterness coming from the tip box today:

I'm an audit senior at Deloitte & Touche and wanted to send along this lovely E-mail every Audit staff member [in my office] received this afternoon.  Note that almost everyone has 10-20 learnings due Jan 4th that we were told to book time for months ago that is now being removed, because fuck you, Deloitte has extremely urgent client work and how dare you use the time you scheduled in advance to be with your family.

Because fuck you, we're the firm! How terrible could this email be? Well, it wouldn't have been so bad if not for that jab at the end.

Good afternoon,

The Resource Management team is working to get anyone available the weeks of 12/16-1/6 assigned to client work. Please keep an eye on your schedule & do not assume if you don’t have anything on your schedule now that you will not be assigned to a client. If you want to take PTO the weeks of 12/16-12/30, you should schedule that now, don’t wait until you are scheduled on a client.

Many of you are scheduled to complete your e-learnings over the coming weeks before the deadline. You must report to the office & check in with the unassigned team captain when you have CED-E-Learnings on your schedule. If you are not able to come into the office on the days you are scheduled for E-Learnings, then you must schedule PTO.

Hope everyone has a happy & restful holiday!

Thank you,


Have a happy and restful holiday, only if you've already put in for PTO otherwise expect us to work you like the dogs you are. *whipcrack*