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September 29, 2023

Coronavirus is the new Millennials ruining everything

a bunch of young people in an office

PwC UK Interns to Undergo Intensive Training in the Ancient Art of Pointless Water Cooler Chitchat

PwC UK is following through on its threat to force “lockdown-damaged” interns into the office so they can learn how to interact with human beings face-to-face, reported The Times this morning. Three summers have passed since the pandemic first forced everyone inside, this summer is the first year since that the firm is making a conscious […]

woman in lockdown looking longingly out of the window

‘Lockdown-Damaged’ New Hires Struggle to Socialize at KPMG UK

KPMG UK is joining Deloitte and PwC in adding soft skills and professional basics to the firm’s new hire training, having noticed the recruits are lacking in “people skills” critical to hack it in public accounting. Why is this new crop so devoid of interpersonal intelligence? While us older working adults were getting fat and […]

shy woman pulling a black sweater over her face

Big 4 Firms Are Noticing a Sudden Skills Gap in New Hires

It’s funny, I was just talking about this yesterday to a state society leader, how there’s been talk in recent weeks that offshoring and automation have reduced the “skills gauntlet” interns and new hires go through to learn the tedious details which in turn is making a crop of staff and associates who feel almost […]

i quit note on computer screen

Turnover at EY Australia Was Significantly Higher Than Competitors’ Turnover Last Year

One difficult thing about observing and reporting on the happenings at professional services firms is that they tend to be really tight-lipped about internal metrics, attrition, and salaries. They know exactly how many people they’re losing in any given period, we do not. Not so much the case in Australia where the Workplace Gender Equality […]

empty classroom

PwC UK Has a Soft Spot For Students Who Got Wrecked By the Pandemic

It’s no secret the pandemic screwed a lot of things up. Firms suddenly had to figure out how to manage an entirely remote work force, CPA exam candidates couldn’t test for months due to Prometric closures, and let’s not forget the poor interns and first years who had to wait for answers in Teams while […]

Here’s What We Know About PwC’s Summer Internship Situation

Last week we learned that PwC was taking its summer internships digital, much to the chagrin of at least one guy who wrote us and called it a “big cost cutting measure that none of us are happy about.” He sent us a screenshot of the email he got from his future employer, but since […]