September 25, 2022


Staying or Going: What’s the Best Work Experience for Accountants?

Happy MOANday, everyone. If you missed Friday’s post because you were enjoying summer hours, be sure to get caught up on things before anything else.

I left of Friday’s post leaving up to you, the readers, to discuss which person would be better qualified for the situation. I did my best in laying out assumptions for the hypothetical, and many of you responded with wonderful feedback.

Here’s a taste:

From SouthernCPA:

Just for fun, let’s tweak the assumptions a smidge. Same 4 years of public experience, except the job offer has a 30% bump in total comp. Also, the person in the position before you was essentially like you (i.e. 4 years of experience, even came from the same firm as you) and they got promoted within 2 years with a 15% increase in pay. The hours are better (average 45-50 hours a week rather than 60 or so with more consistency), but the new job is less flexible (i.e. less vacation). Would you jump ship?

DWB: SouthernCPA brought up an important aspect that I overlooked – non-financial perks like benefits and – in this case – vacation days. Public accounting firms are generous with vacation days because they know many of you will have stretches of non-chargeability. Private industry average two to four weeks. But like in Southern’s case, a 30% bump in salary more than offset the vacation day situation. And remember what I mentioned above – benefits. Find me a hedge fund that doesn’t completely pay for or greatly subsidize health benefits and I’ll take you to lunch (no, really). This is savings that offers both more money in your wallet and peace of mind.

From Guest:

I would also agree with Southern CPA to the extent that it depends on the experience gained in industry vs public accounting as well as the bump experienced by leaving at a senior vs a manager level. However, there are also other factors that should be considered as well such as the ability to find a job at different levels (senior vs manager). While few talk about it within the big 4, I have personally watched over-specialization as well as too much public experience become an issue when searching for jobs, particularly for individuals at a manager/senior manager level.

DWB: This is the precise situation I wanted to hit home. Sorry, Jeff. Tanya is by far the more qualified candidate. And here’s why:

• Tanya has an ideal mix of public and private experience – assuming the private role is not a demotion – she can hit the ground running at the next level. She understands her respective industry from both the public and private side. She can come on board at the next role (most likely a promotion) with an easier transition than Jeff.

• Jeff spent two years managing – budgets, staff, expectations. Very little of this matters. One could argue that senior staff members are the real managers of engagement teams anyway, as they are forced to handle the demands of staff, partners, and managers. The longer you’re a manager, the longer you’re away from the nitty gritty hands-on work.

• Audit is reviewing other people’s work. Tanya has two years of doing.

• Tanya will require a slightly higher salary, but oftentimes the private/public mix of experience is worth the cost. The more technical the role, the more private experience that will be required.

Please, leave your comments below. Let’s hug talk it out.

Credentials for Accountants: Certified Internal Auditor

This is the fourth in our series on certifications for accountants. Previously, we’ve covered the CFP, CMA, and CFE so if you’re not sure what you want to be when you grow up, be sure to check those out.

So, what’s the CIA all about?

Education Requirement
CIA candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree. Unlike the CPA exam, which often requires certain coursework or a minimum master’s level education in accounting, the CIA certification has no such requirements. The CIA exam is administered year-round by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Professional Requirements
Those interested in pursuing a CIA designation must have at least 24 months (2 years) professional experience in internal auditing or its equivalent. Equivalent experience would be in the areas audit/assessment disciplines, including external auditing, quality assurance, compliance, and internal control. Candidates with a master’s degree can substitute their degree for one year of experience. Candidates may sit for the CIA exam before satisfying the experience requirement but will not be certified until meeting this requirement.

Career Options
Certified Internal Auditors can be in public or private industry and experience a diverse workload checking controls, planning the audit process for their company, testing, and compiling reports. Internal auditors may also give feedback on management policies and procedures based on their findings.

Compensation and Other Benefits
CIAs can expect to make a median yearly salary of $55k freshly certified and around $100k with 20 years of experience, making it a cozy career choice for auditors (Payscale). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, growth in auditing and accounting positions is expected to rise 18% between 2006 and 2016, which gives CIAs a certain level of job security not seen in other industries. Equally important, executive responsibility attached to Sarbanes-Oxley means CIAs are that much more critical to an organization by isolating incidents of fraud or waste.

Obviously, CIAs are not in it for the money but for fraud-fighters who love information systems, technology and auditing, the CIA is a safe, always-in-need designation worth looking into!

Three Things You Need to Remember Now That You’re Promoted

Weekends worked: check. CPA passed: (hopefully) check. Blood, sweat, and tears: check, check, annnnd check.

Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off – you’re a newly crowned senior associate or manager. The question is, though: are you ready?

Both promotions<into unpopular clubs. After all, it’s no secret that senior staff members are in a very difficult position. There are budgets to learn, manage, and finagle. Speaking of managing, there’s the staff below and the managers and partners above. Senior staff members may be at the crossroads of the team, but new managers are now forced to the bottom rung of the upper ladder. The track to partner is narrowing down to the final few years; if you thought things were political before being manager, you need to wake up and smell the shifty maneuvering. Here are some tips to help with your newly acquired responsibility: 1. Remember where you came from – This is very much one of those “easier said than done” situations:

Seniors: Chances are you were once a clueless intern, hungry to learn about the fascinating world of public accounting. Sure, interns are overpaid and carry a sense of entitlement – but do you remember what it was like to earn that first intern paycheck?! You bought drinks for all of your Marketing major friends the following semester. And come on – you were definitely a first year, balancing life in a new town, your first “real” job, and moody bosses as old as your parents.

Managers: Simply put, you worked for some awful managers in your day. Remember the nightmares and learn from them. Don’t. Be. One. Of. Those. Managers. Respect your staff; value your senior-in-charge. They keep the wheels turning, after all.

The point I’m trying to hit home is that it is important to remember what your subordinates are going through. This will help you better manage their expectations and mold them into a reliable and loyal workforce. Organize a happy hour or weekday evening event and learn about their interests outside of work. The more you know, the better you can manage expectations, the more your staff will respect you, and the easier your job of handholding will be.

2. Build off your mentor’s lessons – We all have mentors that we look up to. Make an effort to realize what it is about their mentorship that you admire. Embrace those traits, make them your own, and build off of them. Constant improvement should be a daily challenge; a challenge that you accept head on. Seek out feedback from your mentees and staff members. Constant improvement – make it your purpose.

3. This is what you signed up for – There’s not getting around the fact that you’re stepping into a more demanding role in the firm:

Seniors: Managers will expect you to stretch a dime of budget time into a twenty dollar bill. Clients will be up your back and first years will want to know where the bathroom is located. Fact of the matter is this role will really test your personal ambitions of a career in public accounting. But that’s the point, right?

Managers: You’ve reached a very critical plateau in the firm’s hierarchy. Question leadership and thought processes. Get involved with your firm’s committees and organizations. But above all else, set an example for your staff members to respect. People work harder for those that they respect. Earn your staff’s respect.

Daniel Braddock is a former Big 4 human resources professional and auditor. You can read more of his posts for Going Concern here.

Job of the Day: Harvard Management Company Needs a Senior Accountant

Harvard Management Company is looking for an experienced accountant to join their accounting and finance department.

The position is focused on the Marketable Securities Funds portfolio which is comprised of hedge fund investments. This person will be responsible for all the accounting and analysis for the portfolio.

Candidates should have a minimum of three years experience, hedge fund experience being a plus, and a CPA is preferred.

Company: Harvard Management Company, Inc.

Title: Senior Accountant – Marketable Securities Funds

Location: Boston, MA

Description: The Senior Associate will be responsible for all accounting and related accounting-specific analysis and reporting functions of the MSF portfolio as well as contributing to the accounting of the NR portfolio, as needed. This includes transaction entry, cash movement, and valuation input processes related to these portfolios as well as valuation review and analytical procedures. This also includes the reconciliation of transaction entry, accounting, and performance systems to ensure trade execution accuracy and proper recording of all transactions. The Senior Associate will work closely with other members of the external management accounting team to execute the accounting period close on a monthly basis. This process requires in-depth understanding and analysis of the MSF portfolio investments, including the documentation of significant matters on an ongoing basis. Lastly, the Senior Associate will be involved in the ongoing assessment of accounting and valuation issues related to these portfolios, including financial reporting considerations.

Responsibilities: Maintain the integrity of the portfolio accounting systems and general ledger records; Monitor proper reconciliation of transaction entry, accounting, and performance reporting systems; Contribute to financial statement and valuation analysis; Execute cash movements in coordination with custody operations personnel and ensure trades are processed accurately and timely; Analyze current industry and accounting guidance and its applicability to the MSF portfolio accounting process; Facilitate communication with external managers to provide relevant insight into the accounting and valuation process; Obtain and review fund valuation statements and assist in the analysis of these statements; Interact with and support the MSF portfolio managers regarding current investments; Assist during the annual audit, providing information as requested and maintaining audit reports throughout the year; Participate in special projects and duties as assigned ; Provide accounting-related support and reporting to HMC’s Tax department; Manage responsibilities pertaining to business continuity preparedness, documentation, Disaster Recovery site visits, etc.

Qualifications/Skills: BS Accounting, CPA preferred; Minimum 3-5 years of relevant accounting experience (hedge fund specific experience a plus); Ideal candidate will be very proficient with hedge fund L.P. investment accounting/industry issues; Knowledge and demonstrated interest of financial markets and products

See the entire description over at the GC Career Center and visit the main page for all your job search needs.

Job of the Day: Morgan Stanley Needs a Real Estate Accounting Manager

Morgan Stanley is looking for an experienced accountant to join their real estate group to be responsible for all aspects of accounting for the company’s real estate leases and associated fixed assets.

The position requires a minimum of three years experience with real estate accounting experience preferred and advanced Excel skills including pivot tables and lookup functions.

Company: Morgan Stanley

Title: Real Estate Accounting Associate/Manager

Location: New York, NY

Description: This position will be responsible for all aspects of accounting for Morgan Stanley real estate leases and associated fixed assets. This position will work closely with the space reporting, strategic analysis, lease administration, space planning and property management groups.

Responsibilities: Review of new leases to ensure financials are accurate in the Real Estate System; Calculate and record straight-line rent adjustments as well as prepare monthly reconciliation and analysis; Promptly respond to requests of internal & external auditors by providing lease documentation and supporting schedules; Month end close and expense accruals; Prepare balance sheet reconciliation of all rent & rent-related accounts; Accrue & monitor all costs associated with abandonment of space & assess adequacy of vacant space reserves on a quarterly basis; Review all Corporate Services fixed assets to ensure they are accounted for in accordance with Fixed Asset policy and are assigned to the right locations; Monthly analysis of space & occupancy variances and drivers; Compute and record Interest on Fixed Asset allocations; Assist with all aspects of accounting for the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney joint venture; Support the Global Reporting Space Initiative; Ad hoc reports.

Qualifications/Skills: Strong Accounting skills with detailed working knowledge of the General Ledger; 3-5 years of accounting experience; Must have advanced Excel skills, including use of Pivot Tables and Lookup functions; Detail oriented with strong analytical and interpersonal skills; Proven track record of good organizational skills, sound time management, and ability to prioritize and multitask; Team oriented; Systems experience: Omega, REM, BOXI; Communication and presentation skills; Bachelors in Accounting; Background in Real Estate Accounting; PC Skills: MS Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Mainframe General Ledger.

See the entire description over at the GC Career Center and visit the main page for all your job search needs.

Job of the Day: Peak6 Investments Needs a Senior Accountant

Peak6 Investments is looking for an experienced accountant to join their team in Chicago.

An ideal candidate will possess superior analytical and reconciliation skills, at least five years of experience in Big 4 accounting is required; CPA designation and previous payroll knowledge is a plus.

Company: Peak6 Investments, LP

Title: Senior Accountant

Location: Chicago, IL

Description: This position will require you to manage accounts of the general ledger within a specific business unit of PEAK6 for which you will be solely responsible in addition, serve as the main contact for all payroll related issues.

Responsibilities: Manage accounts of the General Ledger System; Post and reconcile journal entries; Process semi-monthly payroll for 400+ employees; Work with third parties to resolve payroll tax issues; Assist with the annual audit and be a point person for outside auditors; Drive complex reconciliations Communicate with business leaders within your given business unit; Understand and apply regulatory business rules to accounting procedures.

Qualifications/Skills: Bachelor degree in Accounting, Finance or related degree; Prior Broker Dealer or similar industry experience preferred; Minimum 5 years experience with automated accounting systems in a customer service, high volume, deadline driven production environment is required. Mastery of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and have familiarity with SEC reporting rules. Creating journal entries and maintaining accounts within an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is required—Dynamics GP is preferred.

See the entire description over at the GC Career Center and visit the main page for all your job search needs.

Job of the Day: RBC Needs a Senior Audit Manager

RBC is looking for a Senior Audit Manager to lead a team to provide independent risk assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of risk management practices, internal control and corporate governance processes in the Capital Markets Finance areas

Requirements include a CA or equivalent, an accounting degree and experience working in financial services with an in-depth knowledge of both U.S. and Canadian GAAP. This position is located in New York.

Company: RBC

Title: Senior Audit Manager

Location: New York, NY

Description: In support of the Senior Manager, Capital Markets Finance, provide independent, objective risk assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of risk management practices, internal control and corporate governance processes in the Capital Markets Finance areas. Work with management in achieving business objectives by creating solutions to improve business operations, while remaining objective and independent. Key stakeholders include senior management, external auditors, and regulators. Results ultimately impact shareholders, employees and customers. Engagement is defined as a specific assignment, task, or review activity, such as: an internal audit, design review, fraud examination, or consultancy. An engagement may include multiple tasks or activities designed to accomplish a specific set of related objectives.

Responsibilities: Leadership/People Management – Lead a team of senior managers and professional auditors responsible for complex and large engagements in terms of product, location or client relation. – Direct, counsel, and instruct staff assigned to the engagement and review audit plan, findings and reports for sufficient scope and for accuracy. – Provide leadership, coaching, performance management and personal development support. – Ensure that we have competent and sufficient engagement resources, with relevant skill sets to meet each audit and our annual plan. – Raise the technical knowledge of the group through various courses, seminars and in-house training in the areas Capital Markets Finance and related risk management framework, compliance and audit techniques. – Back up for primary Senior Relationship Manager Audit & Planning – In concert with Senior Manager, Capital Markets Finance develops the annual Audit Plan for Capital Markets Finance ensuring that audits confirm to regulatory and internal audit requirements – Provide input and participate in the IAS strategic planning process.

Qualifications/Skills: In depth knowledge of business and key functions of Capital Markets Finance – Project Management – Proficient in auditing principles and techniques – Must have the ability to quickly understand the risks associated with new services and/or routines, products and to formulate practical audit procedures to adequately monitor new risk and ensure adherence to limits. – A understanding of management principles that enable recognition and evaluation of materiality and significant deviations from good management practices – In-depth knowledge of US and Cdn GAAP, complex accounting, auditing standards, business processes – Minimum 10-15 years banking/audit experience.

See the entire description over at the GC Career Center and visit the main page for all your job search needs.

Job of the Day: UBS Needs an Accounting Director

UBS is looking for someone to join their Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC) Structuring Group at the Director level who has expertise in both U.S. GAAP and IFRS.

The position requires four years of relevant experience, and a CPA. Experience in a Big 4 transaction services group is ideal. This position is located in Stamford, CT.

Company: UBS AG

Title: Executive Director/Director – FICC Structuring – Accounting Expert

Location: Stamford, CT

Responsibilities: The candidate will be expected to (1) Structure and execute transactions, and (2) Support the Structuring Group in analyzing and structuring the accounting aspects of transactions. The candidate will report to Head of US RATL.

Qualifications/Skills: The ideal candidate will have practiced accounting in a transaction services group at a Big 4 accounting firm with experience in US GAAP and IFRS. The candidate should have a track record of innovation/creativity. Minimum of 4 years proven relevant experience; 4 year Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent; CPA.

See the entire description over at the GC Career Center and visit the main page for all your job search needs.

Job of the Day: Fannie Mae Needs an Accounting Manager

Fannie Mae is looking for an accounting manager who will manage a staff responsible for collecting, recording, analyzing, and reporting accounting transactions.

The position is located in Dallas, requires six years experience, including 2-4 years of management experience and a CPA license.

Company: Fannie Mae

Title: Accounting Manager – REO and Reserve Accounting

Location: Dallas, TX

Description: Manage a team engaged in collecting, recording, analyzing, and reporting accounting transactions. May manage operations related to general accounting or other specialty areas. Hire, manage, train, develop, and evaluate staff. Develop, implement, document, and ensure adherence to practices and procedures. Participate in or lead special projects.

Responsibilities: Manage daily team activities related to production of timely, accurate, and reliable financial information including profit and loss and balance sheet accounts, booking accounting transactions, preparing and validating account reconciliations, and resolving issues and exceptions on a timely basis; Plan, review, and/or prepare internal and external reports, schedules, and statements; Review, establish, and monitor financial controls. Identify opportunities to streamline and automate. Improve efficiencies to reduce costs; Respond to Audit, consultant, and other stakeholder inquiries and requests; Identify and facilitate technology changes to support business needs; Coordinate and administer assignments, monitor team progress, and maintain schedules; Develop team members and provide ongoing professional guidance and direction.

Qualifications/Skills: Bachelor’s Degree in accounting required; CPA required; 6 or more years of progressively challenging experience in accounting, financial analysis, application of accounting principles, and accounting controls; 2-4 years of management experience with motivating, coaching and developing staff in pursuit of creating a performance driven culture.  Additionally, experience managing complex projects involving multiple cross-functional stakeholders and strict time constraints required; Understanding of complex accounting regulations and guidance, including GAAP, SEC, FASB, AICPA, required. Strong knowledge in accounting pronouncements associated with real estate strongly desired; Previous experience in an SEC reporting environment and/or Big 4 Public Accounting experience preferred; Experience with accounting processes of a mortgage company, large financial service institution or real estate company required.; Previous experience implementing and documenting SOX controls required; Demonstrated ability to manage and direct a team with an emphasis on developing the team to high performance; Ability to provide regular feedback to team members and prepare performance reviews as required by company timelines.

See the entire description over at the GC Career Center and visit the main page for all your job search needs.

‘Quiet’ Accountant to Shock Co-workers By Beating the Living Crap Out of Someone

Here at GC, we try to present you with career options now again.

Most notably, we throw the Job of the Day at you but every once in awhile we go off the deep end to present something outside the world of accounting altogether in order that to give false hope to people’s dreams of getting out of number crunching business altogether.

Emmanuel Mulili, a “quiet numbers cruncher who’s quick with a calculator” moonlights as a MMA fighter and his co-workers are surprised that such a ‘reserved’ guy would want to beat the living tar out of another human being.

The “African Assassin” can be seen this Saturday at the Rumble in the Zoo III, after which, his co-workers in attendance will not dare to look at him cross-eyed ever again. Especially since it’s reiterated time and again that Mulili is ‘laid back’ and ‘humble,’ which just convinces us that he has a natural inclination to rip your arms off if you happen to disagree with him on a double-entry accounting issue.

Naturally, Mulili would like to be the next accountant-cum-MMA champion, “I want to get a couple of fights under my belt,” he told the Kalamazoo Gazette, “When the time is right, I’ll turn pro. If it doesn’t work out, I can always get back into accounting. But right now, just keep swinging and pounding.”

Swinging and pounding your face after you hardcode a spreadsheet that he spent hours on.

‘Reserved’ accountant Emmanuel Mulili turns ferocious in MMA octagon [mlive]

Transitioning from Typical Accountant to CFO Superstar

Let’s face it, accountants aren’t often featured as heroes in action flicks nor romantic leads in love stories, and are pretty much ignored by the media unless it involves blame and/or complicated financial rules that are just barely an accounting matter (accountants did not securitize every loan nor did some nefarious squad of beancounters dream up Repo 105) so it’s pretty exciting to see the Washington Post heralding accountant turned CFO Carl Adams.

No, he doesn’t have 12 mistresses and he hasn’t gotten any DUIs (that we know of) but the smart professional is cool again. As if he (or she) ever wasn’t.

Carl received his accounting degree from Penn State and, presumably, was really impressed by what he saw when he entered public accounting via Ernst & Young, so much so that he hung around to make senior manager before leaving to do a stint with the SEC.

Transitioning back to the private sector meant applying what he’d picked up from E&Y and the SEC in the capacity of an accounting professional, except plain old “accountant” just didn’t fit him anymore. Perhaps accountants are far more “superhero”-like than we give them credit for? Adaptable, talented, and equipped to deftly switch careers like some folks switch lanes on the freeway; what’s not to admire?

Since most CFOs are professionally qualified to be accountants anyway, a guy like Carl may not seem so spectacular on the surface but when you consider the ever-sophisticated landmine-laced territory of financial statements, there is no such thing as an over-qualified CFO. The definitive line between CPAs and finance professionals slowly becoming blurred and may become non-existent.

Since we know accountants – generally speaking – are change-adverse, why not introduce a more comprehensive curriculum in accounting programs that prepares future CPAs for this diverse, brave new world of accounting and finance to offer them maximum flexibility to transform with the industry?

Sorry for you old schoolers, the green eyeshade has been retired for quite some time: now is the era of the ever-evolving, constantly-changing, ready to head off the next Repo 105 before Wall Street implodes itself again accountant. Movie coming to theaters near you in 2011… in 3D!

Carl Adams: An accountant who yearned to do more finds his calling as a CFO – New at the Top [WaPo]

Job of the Day: Get Started on that Resolution Now

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for hire me2.jpgFor those of you that punched the “Find a new job” button on our resolution post, this will help you get started. Even if you indicated that want to do less work in 2010, you may want to do less work at a new job.
Get details for an Accounting Analyst position at BlackRock in San Francisco, after the jump.

Company: BlackRock
Title: Accounting Analyst
Location: San Francisco
Minimum experience: 2 – 3 years
Description: The Accounting Analyst is engaged in the accounting, analysis and reporting of securities lending and cash management revenues. This includes securities lending rebate and fee settlement with counter-parties (securities dealers and brokers). In addition, the Analyst will create analytical and performance reports as needed. The position will be in communication with accounting personnel from other securities brokers and will work closely with GIMG Securities Lending’s Trading and Operations.
Responsibilities: Prepare rebate and fee statements and settle with counter-parties; prepare and process journal entries; analyze, research and reconcile accrual variances; prepare and distribute relevant management reporting analytics
Required Skills: College degree (BS/BA) preferably in Finance/Accounting/Business; strong computer skills, including Oracle, OFA (Oracle Financial Analyzer), and advanced Excel
See the entire description over at the GC Career Center and visit the main page for all your job search needs.

Job of the Day: What Exactly Does a Consultant Do?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for hire me2.jpgThey consult, naturally. We can’t really get into more detail at this point. But if you consider yourself a renaissance man/woman in the financial realm (and don’t mind some travel), a consulting gig may be right for you.
Check out the details for both senior and staff finance consultant positions at Infrastructure Management Group, Inc. in Bethesda, MD after the jump.

Company: Infrastructure Management Group, Inc.
Title: Finance Consultant
Location: Bethesda, MD
Requirements: All candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with at least some coursework in finance, economics, and/or accounting and have a strong interest in infrastructure finance. Fluency in Spanish is a plus. Some domestic and international travel may also be required for some projects.
Senior Consultant Profile: At least two years of finance experience preferably with an investment or commercial bank, accounting firm, or construction/development firm; Experience with cash flow financial models, using net present value and IRR functions; Master’s degree preferred but not required.
Staff Consultant Profile: Entry-level position; Graduating college senior or recent graduate; Some coursework in finance and accounting.
Check out the entire description for this listing over at the GC Career Center and visit the main page for all your job search needs.

Job of the Day: Hate the Cold? Move to Florida

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for hire me2.jpgGlobal warming? Bah. Over half the country is experiencing inclement weather.
That’s a perfect excuse to move to South Florida. Analytic Recruiting has a Manager of Derivatives Accounting position that is offering a “generous relocation” to Palm Beach. Check out all the details after the jump.

Title: Manager – Derivatives Accounting
Location: Palm Beach, FL
Description: This position will manage accounting and control for all of the firm’s trading and hedging activities.
Responsibilities: Managing hedge effectiveness strategies for Energy Trading; oversee all accounting and financial statement activities [FAS 133, FAS 157 and FAS 161 and FX and Commodity hedge analysis].
Requirements: BS in Accounting or Finance, and at least 5 yrs of derivatives accounting experience and be very comfortable with FAS 133, FAS 157 and FAS 161. A CPA is strongly preferred.
Check out the entire job description over at the GC Career Center and check out the main page for all your job search needs.