February 25, 2021


Career direction

In need of your sagely advice.  Background: 3 1/2 in public accounting (audit):  1 1/2 years with a regional firm 2 years with a boutique firm focusing on very small reporting companies (current frim) Passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam and expect to be certified soon (pending educational requirements) I'm a senior at […]

Background check

So basically I was offered a job with coca cola pending background check. I have a misdemeanor from about a year and a half ago for petit larceny so I was wondering if that will hurt my chances or if it will even show up. I read on a post from two years ago that […]

Going back to public after a stint in private

About 8 months ago, I quit public because I felt I was getting burnt out. I was a newly promoted senior working 80 hour weeks at a regional firm, basically running all of our office's engagements because all of our managers and staff quit after a merger with another firm. It was literally me, the […]

Starting out in Private

I'm at the point in my education where I'm debating how to start my career in accounting. I'm currently interning with a regional firm (just outside the top 100) located close to home/school for the summer. I've been here since January and plan to remain through the fall semester while I finish school. The managing […]

EY- Audit or PWC – Advisory offer?

Hello, I have a tough time to choose between 2 offers.  One is from EY which is a Federal gov't assurance role and another one is from PWC which is a federal gov't advisory role( audit readiness & process improvement).  I would like to know which one is less boring and opens more doors down […]

JD/MBA starting role?

I am getting ready to start my 2nd year of law school and this is when the Big 4 come to campus to start recruiting.  I already have my MBA, I just can't get enough debt in my life and decided to get my JD as well.  My question is what level or role do […]

Promotion to manager

I am being promoted to manager in tax. What to expect?

CPA Exams, No Job.

I have a bachelors degree and accounting and finance.  I did not add the accounting portion till later in my undergraduate program hence I was not really looking or interested in accounting as a career until later.  Anyhow, as a transfer student I ended up getting more than 150 credits so I could take the […]

Promotion politics

I work at PwC and I recently found out I am going to be promoted to Senior a year earlier, (2 years instead of 3). I've been keeping it on the DL because I don't know what my friends/peers I started with will think or how they'll act. Does anyone have any experience with this […]

Transition from IT Auditing/Attestation to Cyber

Hello, I'm going to be starting in IT Auditing/Attestation role with one of the big 4 within the next month. I was wondering if it is possible to transition into a different position/practice within advisory (such as cyber security) after working and putting in time in attestation? If it is possible to transition, how difficult […]

Left public early: how do I make up for it later on?

Long story short: Started out in public at PwC three years ago (audit-financial services), ok first year but got bad review from busy season senior (had a contentious relationship, got shafted a bit) ended up on a PIP. Coach thought it was BS put me on some good jobs, got rave reviews, got off the […]

What are my IT audit folks doing now after leaving the Big 4?

I have been looking at career options post big 4 (currently an experienced manager at one of them), but haven't had much luck with finding the right role for me (although I have plenty of opportunities). I have always worked for the big 4, so I don't know a lot about what industry jobs would […]

Back to audit after stint in private?

About 4 years ago, I did 2 busy seasons at a Big 4 firm. I was rated a 3 – met all expectations as a final rating for both years. On one particular audit in my 2nd year, I made a couple of bad, stupid, immature decisions and got a 2 (bad) on the "operations […]

Why Your Friends Don’t Want to Be Your Clients

You are an accounting professional. Unlike your friends with the title “vice president,” you actually earned your designation when you became certified. Your skills are portable. You can hang your shingle in any state, subject to your credentials being accepted. The term “accountant” covers many aspects of the profession.  Most newly minted CPAs work at […]

Internal Audit to Operations

I went right into Internal Audit after obtaining my CPA license. I should have gotten some public accounting experience in order to open up more opportunities, but I was stuck in a tiny city for reasons I won't go into and was not able to. 6 years into Internal Audit and I have mostly just […]

Why do Partners teach as adjuncts?

when they could better spend their time working on their book of business? i've read that adjunct are compensated horribly, even in the benefits/perks. why bother?

Seattle Big 4

Considering a move to Seattle. I'm curious to hear your experiences (Big 4 Audit please). -i.e. travel (frequency and destinations) -clients (industry, private/public) -client locations (are most downtown, redmond, bellevue, etc?) -workload -office culture -pay vs COL -overall happiness I know this will vary widely based on the person, but I'd just like some perspectives.

Well positioned for Credit Ratings Agency?

Hi Everyone, I am currently coming to the end of my first year as an audit associate at a Big 4 firm. I'll have the CPA in a few weeks (just waiting for the one year of work experience to kick in), and I will be taking CFA Level 2 on June 4th (don't worry, […]

Boomerang after a few years in industry?

I left Big 4 as an A3 and I have now been in industry for 2 and a half years.  I did a year in IA and was promoted to a BU Controller for the past year and a half.  I have recently been questioning my upward potential at my current company and have considered […]

Being Honest as an Interviewer

There have been multiple questions posted lately about being honest on applications and the ethics of job offers/interviews.  I have a question about the other side of the equation, being the interviewer. When conducting interviews in the past, pretty much every candidate asks me "what do you like most about your job" or "why did […]

The most intimidating interview in my life

The most intimidating interview in my life – It was a 3rd interview with a non-Big 4 CPA firm. The whole time the interviwer stared at me with disdain and anger in her eyes for no reason, which almost made my cry. Also she seemed completely uninterested in my answers, simply stared at me and […]

Which one is better choice?

Hello, people. I have some full time job offers and need some advice. Anderson Tax ( High net worth/ PCS ): $58000, Seattle-WARyan LLC ( Sales and Use ): $49000+ Bonus ( % commission from client’s tax saving),* travel up to 35%, Dallas-TXWhitley Penn LLP ( Tax associate): $53000 + bonus, Fort Worth- TXKPMG (SALT) […]

Will below average pay hurt my job search?

Four years ago, I accepted an offer with a local firm as an auditor. The firm was pretty well known around the state, and they had some pretty big government accounts and local corporations as audit clients. I accepted lower than average pay because I was desperate for a job and I didn't have any […]

Moving from 20-people firm to bigger firm

Hey all,  Started my career at a 20-person CPA firm in Alaska in October 2015. 48,000 Salary + average 200 OT = 54,900 a year Everything else is literally discretionary. I got $250 bonus at year end. Before tax season (February 1), I got a raise to 52,000 (59,500 w/ OT added).  I like the […]

Didn’t get promoted to Senior

Hi guys,  I just found out I didn't make the jump from 2nd year associate to senior. My question is should I jump ship or work my butt off to get a mid-year promotion? I like my co-workers and clients. 

Spock – You’ve Got To Get Me Outta Audit!

Having seen Caleb's post on post busy session depression, I thought I would add to the mood (!) with my own tale of woe.  After a decade and a half of internal auditing, I have lost interest in doing the job. In part I think the root-cause of apathy is two-fold. I find working with […]

Investment Management Recruiters in NYC

Big 4 Auditor with 4 years of hedgefund and private equity experience looking to make a move. Who are the best hedge fund accounting/assistant contoller recruiters in NYC?

Southern California Tax Pros?

Is anybody on here a tax professional in Southern California?  I'm currently in Boston, but my wife is considering a job out there, and I'm curious what the salaries / job markets and lifestyles are like.  If you're out there, this is what I'm curious about: 1) What city do you work in, what town […]

AICPA Member Ballot

So there's this big AICPA ballot thing right now where they want the members to approve a merger between the AICPA and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. I don't really feel like doing a lot of research on this, but the AICPA is making it sound important. Is it? Have you done any homework […]

Does a Spouse’s Felony Affect CPA license or Job Search?

My boyfriend, who committed a felony over ten years ago, recently started talking about marriage, maybe sometime next year. I am taking the parts of the CPA exam this year and want to work in a public accounting firm. Could marrying him affect background checks when I begin my employment search? If I move to […]

Fudging an MBA Application

I was wondering if you guys had any advice for me. I am currently finishing up my 1st year in B4 Risk Advisory on the West Coast. It's mostly Internal Audit and Compliance work. I'm pretty good at it and I'm really well liked and regarded by my Managers and MDs. Nevertheless, I really do […]

Double Threat: An Interview with an Accounting Graduate Who Went Straight Into Law School

Ed. note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Are you an accountant who's thinking about law school? We were curious about the transition from accounting into a legal career, so we found someone who could answer a few questions. GC caught up with Pamela Burneski, a second year law student at Michigan […]


Let's say you like your boss and you don't hate your current job, but you know it's time to look for a new opportunity. You have an interview coming up, and you need to inform your boss that you'll be in late that day. You could either lie to him (e.g. I have a doctor […]

Not turning in a self-review or annual review?

We are approaching our review deadline and one of the managers on my team is considering not turning in an annual review, neither from his senior manager or from himself.  We have a big transaction we've been working on so busy season has lasted 4+ months so far and his justification is that the time […]

Experienced Associate – Under Paid?

I have 3 years FS experience Industry side, and 6 months in at PwC for Experienced Associate FS Risk Assurance. I also have a minor, but relevant certification for my focus. I’m in Chicago. Currently getting paid 60k, and no idea what I will get at year end. Hoping it’s a bonus and raise though. […]

Question about salary for experienced tax staff

I'm located in LA and have a bit over two years of experience as a tax staff. I currently work at a pretty large regional firm, and I'm looking to make a move to a mid-size or a big4 after tax season. I applied for my CPA license, so I should be licensed soon. What's […]

Big 4 Tax in San Diego?

Spent 2 years in tax at EY in NYC, been at a big alternative asset manager for 2 years now as a senior. I'm fairly happy at my job, but my wife has been struggling to build a career here. Her uncle just offered her a great opportunity, but it happens to be in San […]

Financial Due diligence firms

Besides, Big-4 firms, I was wondering what other firms have good reputations for FDD. I was guessing may be valuations shops like Duff & Phelps? I know Bain has a reputable due diligence group. Just trying to get a list of FDD firms in terms of reputations and career growth opportunities. Thanks!

Tax in F100 vs Regional Public Accounting Firm

I currently work in tax at a F100 company in financial services and was wondering if I would improve my background experience from switching to a tax position at a regional firm doing tax work. I noticed the for the work experience requirement for a lot of job postings they seem to value public accounting […]

Your First Job as an Accountant

Tell me about it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to hear about your experiences, what led you there, etc. 

From audit (2 yrs) to senior financial analyst, am I leaving too soon?

Hi folks,       2 years in Big 4 audit (financial services)  for almost 2 years. Got my CPA. BS and MS in Accounting with a Information system minor. About to be a senior this year (hopefully), and I've been doing senior work since last October. Metro-NYC.       Been thinking about leaving […]

Internal Audit

I'm an audit senior with a top 10 firm, and I'm looking to move into the private world. I've settled on the decision that public accounting is not for me long-term. While I mostly enjoy the accounting/auditing work, the hours, stress of constant deadlines, and pissed off clients (which appears never ending based on my […]

Risk Advisory (Internal Audit) or Audit???

Looking for some feedback on experience in these two service lines in Public Accounting. There is plenty of info out there on audit careers, so I'd really be interested in hearing about anyone's experience in Advisory. Is one better than the other? If so, why?

Lowball offer?

I am a rising junior attending college in a small town in a smaller state.  We have the states biggest big 4 office and I just recieved a full time offer, my problem is that the offer is approximatly 8k off of the firm starting salary on glassdoor. I love the people I work with […]

Metro-NYC Salary Question about Master’s in Tax

Hi everyone, I started working in tax at a Big4 firm and wanted to ask about the MST. Based on the compensation threads, it seems that people with MSTs start out at a higher salary than those without it in New York City. The numbers vary, but it seems to be in the ballpark of […]

Which internship?

Hi GoingConcerners, I have a question. I currently work at a big midsize accounting firm (ranked top 21 in the USA, top 5 in Europe). I have been working there for a month now as a tax intern and as tax season is coming to a close, things seem to be slowing down in terms […]

Personality, Jobs.

Okay, so concerning the type of person who becomes an accountant, do you think it really matters all that much? I mean, as long as you have the discipline to stick with something, and learn, isn't that enough? Isn't it just a skill? I sometimes hear people say that you need a certain "personality" in […]

Considering doing M&A due diligence

I am interested in doing M&A due diligence within the Big 4.  Has anyone done it before?  What is the work like?  What are the exit opportunities? It sounds like it would be very intersting while also intense.  I don't mind working hard, since I don't have kids or anything right now.  But when i […]

Inform my boss and mentor my CFA intentions?

Hello folks.  Hope to get your advice. Should I divulge to my B4 partner or mentor that I am planning to pursue a CFA?   I am not even sure if the CFA program enrollment and exam fees are reimbursable.   I have been with a B4 in just less than a month.  I used to […]

Calling All Tax Nerds.

I am interested in hearing tax specialists talk about their jobs. What do you like, what do you dislike? What is a typical day like for you? How did you get started? What do you think has helped you the most in your career, is there anything you would do differently? Not at my most […]

Are You Startup CFO Material?

I like this CFO article on finance chiefs who prefer startups. Had I not bailed on my accounting and finance career for the glamorous world of writing on the internet, I think I would've pursued this route. The reasons for preferring smaller companies offered by the CFOs in the article are what you would expect: […]

Big 4 to SEC

New to the site and curious if anyone has experience or heard of this career jump. It seems most jobs are for internal candidates only.

Have I Pigeonholed Myself?

Going Concern Community, I am a Big 4 Tax Manager.  I have been at my firm for 3 years & worked at a large national firm for 3 years before that.  I love the people I work with, but I think I am ready to move on.  The money just isn't what they told us […]

Stay or go? Big 4 SALT

Hi, At a crossroads and would appreciate some feedback – need to decide whether to take a big 4 SALT senior position or stay at current firm. I'm happy at my current firm (regional), I like the people I work for, am taking my career in the direction I want, good commute, flexibility in schedule. […]

Stay until partner?

I am working in a small firm (3 partners and about 10 professionals) in Oregon. I have been there since 2011, working both audit and tax. Our audit department is just me and my boss; everyone else is tax and consulting. Shortly after I started, succession planning was brought up, and it has since been […]

NYC EY Financial Services Tax

Hey everyone, I accepted a full time offer within the FS tax group at EY in NYC and I researched various websites (GC, reddit etc.) to get a clearer idea of what to expect. However, I've been seeing two very different opinions. Some people say that the work is mind numbing, the hours atrocious and […]

Service Line Jump and Career Discussion

Hi GC, I started woking as a Tansfer Pricing associate with one of the Big4 in NYC around a year ago following the completion of my master's degree in public policy. At this point, I'm not sure if TP is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm not exactly sure if […]

Big four dilemma

Although I know this has been a touched upon topic, I'm wondering this. Is it "a cruel" joke that the big 4 take the best accounting students who have been academically challenged for the past four-five years and make them do mindless work for 50 hours a week? I've been working for 2 years now, […]

Should I accept an offer?

I am currently working as an audit intern and will more than likely be offered a position. My only dilema is that I have another internship with another firm during the summer. These internships are in 2 different service lines (audit/advisory). If I am offered a position should I just accept it and possibly rescind? […]

Fulfill 150 credit CPA requirement and accounting career, help…

Hello, I am a first time poster here. My background: 1. Got my B.A. in accounting in 2014 with 129 credits in total and high GPA. 2. Didn't have internship with big four or other big corporations, mainly local firms.  2. Passed the CPA exam in 2015.  3. Currently working in a small local accounting […]

Small firm intern told “no overtime for you”

I started interning at a small firm and am really enjoying the environment. However, when I first got there I was informed I was not eligible for overtime because I am a grad student. I am still being paid at an hourly rate.  Even if it's not legal I'm hesitant to bring it up because […]

Best way to get an accounting job in the Cannabis Industry?

I am currently a junior accounting major and will graduate Fall 2017. I don't plan to take the CPA exam right after I graduate, instead I plan on moving to Denver CO and I am hoping to get an accounting job in the cannabis industry. Right now there ARE jobs in the industry, but they […]

Public accounting tax associate vs Consulting firm tax associate

I have internship offer from BKD in this spring busy season. last week, I have another offer from A&M ( Alvarez & Marsal ) a full time Tax associate position. Anyone have experience or story about A&M?  

Questions on Career Change

Question regarding a career change: I'm in my mid-thirties and considering a career change. I've spent the last decade in Financial Services at a combination of bulge bracket PWM and top 5 superregional PB/PWM. I moved from front office sales to risk analytics back to front office supervision and compliance. I'm mid-stream on a MBA […]

Why would you usually not want someone on your engagements?

Hi GC, I've been working at one of the big 4 now for 1 year in Tax. One of the issues I've been having is getting myself on to engagements, in particular big compliance engagements. Since I've started I've worked on a large variety of engagements, largely more consulting/advisory based as well as some smaller […]

Salary Offer Advice From Big 4 (KPMG)

Hi Expert Mates, I am a 2008 Bachelor Technology grad with no post graducation education, with a 6 years of IT Consulting & Architecture exp from leading IT Services firm (have 15 months of employement gap). Currently with a 1000 employee based org in Charlotte NC & have only 6 months exp in US Geo […]

Transfer Out of Salt?

Hello, I interned in B4 SALT last summer and really enjoyed it. The people were great, the work wasn't bad and had a lot of fun. I'm slated to start full time in July, however I've been having cold feet as I've talked to other tax professionals and noticed that SALT: Is a very niche […]

Do Accountingfly[paper] Job Postings catch anything but dust?

So, I see the weekly Accountingfly Job of the Week postings, which conveniently you aren't permitted to comment on, and I have never a single time thought "Wow, that sounds like a sweet gig."  They tend to be random, small firms spaced around the country and tend to be looking for someone with greater experience […]

Lower than lowball Big 4 offer?

I am looking for new opportunities for a few reasons, despite being comfortable at a very nice office. So last week I interviewed with a Big 4 firm as a Senior Accountant I in a big city, and it went really well. The interview process was a positive experience, and I was very delighted with […]

A 3rd big 4 switch

Here's the issue. I love auditing (I know, hard to believe). I work for a Big 4 firm and I'm not getting the opportunities at my firm as other co-workers since I'm an experienced hire from another big 4. I've never been on a repeating client, I get shipped out of town a lot, and […]

Escaping Audit

Happy busy season.  I'll be entering my fourth this week, and intend for it to be my last. I'm a first year senior in audit with a national firm, with previous experience at a small local firm as well. For those who have made the move from public into private, I'd like to hear what […]

Big 4 – Make a move now or later?

I currently work at a non big4 CPA firm,and I'll be a CPA once I pass the last section in Febuary. I have two years of expereience, and I'm looking to make a move to a big4. Would it be better for me to try to make a move now or once I receive the […]

May 2016 Grad Needs Advice

Hi all, I am about to graduate in May 2016 with my combined MS & BS in accounting, but right now I don't have a job because I didn't do well in my junior year when most of the recruitments happened, with only one semester and 3 graduate classes left, I currently have a 3.9 […]

Surviving the Big 4

I am starting out as Staff 1 Advisory consultant soon and would appreciate some honest advice from seasoned consultants. I am not smart yet hard working and want to make sure I don't get taken advantage of. Oh and I am also an introvert 🙂 Any tips? 

Career Advice – Accounting Advisory Services vs Financial Due Diligence

Hi everyone, I'm currently working in assurance at a Big 4 firm and really don't like it. I went in to audit because it was sold to me by everyone as a way to learn how businesses work and understand how various actions will affect the financial statements. I'm about 2 years into this now […]

Advice about switching tax groups before starting full-time

Hi guys, After my multistate tax internship at a Big4, I asked for an office change to Chicago and tax group change to core tax for full time. I ended up getting the full time offer for summer 2016, but the recruiter was only able to arrange the office, but not the tax group change. […]

Going to public from industry

Hello fellow tax nerds, As year end is approaching, I have been doing some self reflection. Here is my short intro, and I would like to hear your input. I have been doing federal and state tax at a sizeable public company for a year now as a junior staff. I am planning to join […]

I’ve lost any and all motivation

Hi fellow bean counters, I'm a little frustrated and just need to rant and also ask a couple of questions. I've been in public accounting for four years and about to be in my fifth tax season. The firm I work for is a small regional, with two offices and about 50 employees. Our focus […]

Moving out of tax

Hey all, Been at a Big 4 in San Francisco/San Jose for about a year and a half. Since our office staffing/retention has been really rough every since I've started, I don't really focus on one thing and haven't really developed any particular skillset. I would say I do 1/3 compliance, 1/3 documentation/planning for transfer […]

10+ Years in Corporate and trying to become a CPA

I'm in an odd Catch-22 in my journey to become a CPA. At this point in my career, becoming a CPA is more about fulfilling a life goal than career or salary prospects. I got the exam in the bag, but my career thus far seems to scare off every CPA firm I apply to. […]

Choosing Big 4 based on client base?

Posted this on other forums too, but thought I would ask people on GC as well to get as much input as I can. I am currently deciding between PwC and Deloitte nyc. I know NYC isn't the best place for tech, but I do want to be exposed to tech clients. Deloitte has a […]

Non Big 4 TAS or stay?

Hi GC! I was promoted to senior this past year in audit at a mid tier firm in the Northeast.  Recently, I have interviewed a few places in TAS, including other mid tier firms, but my only offer now is at larger consulting company outside of public accounting (think Navigant).  As my hope is to […]

1st year in a small CPA firm, How to survive?

Is it recommended to start an audit career in a small CPA firm while studying for the Masters? What is the working environment like in the busy season in a small firm (50-100 employees)? Is there any training process? Is there any room to ask a lot of questions when everyone else is busy? What […]

Accepted offer, having second thoughts

Interned this summer at one of the B4. Towards the end of the internship, I was asked to "try out" another group within the service line I was in because they thought it aligned better with my background. When the internship wrapped up, they asked what I thought of my experience in both groups and […]

Narcissism in Public Accounting Firms

ICYMI, some academics published a study last year on narcissism in public accounting firms (get the whole paper for free here). The study found that the profession is rife with narcissists and that the degree of narcissism is inversely proportional to age. That is, the younger the public accountant, the more narcissistic he or she […]

Public to Private; Back to Public; Back to Private?

Here's a pinball from the mailbag: I've been in tax for the past 10 years and have been considering going back into private.  I was in public for 4 years at a National firm as an experienced Senior, jumped into private for 4 years and was a manager at a mid-sized international company, then went […]

Am I the worst auditor ever?

Am I the worst auditor/accountant/CPA ever?  Am I cursed? Do I suck THAT bad and everyone else has realized it but me? Here, briefly, is my background: I went to a state school, got a double bachelor's in accounting and finance, went into the MAcc program at the same school, interned in audit with one […]

How stupid am I?

Background – No prior work experience in accounting, all sections of the CPA exam passed (left previous job for family reasons, made $50K annually). With that said, I applied to public accounting firms for a month, and then I accepted the first offer I received from a small firm in the Cleveland-Akron area of Ohio. […]

Tired of Public Accounting – Other Opportunities for Tax Senior

I have worked for a regional public accounting firm for 2.5 years now in tax. I was recently promoted to senior, have three sections of the CPA exam passed, and an MBA. I knew that working in public after graduation was not something I envisioned myself doing long-term, but I also knew it would provide […]

2nd career accountant

Hey everyone, I'm looking for some general advice. I'm a career changer and want to begin a career in accounting. I am a little bit older (33 years old when I graduate), I will have my Accounting degree in December of 2016 and will only need one more class after that to become CPA eligible, […]

Risk Consulting – EY vs. KPMG

Will graduate in May, need help choosing between two offers: EY – RAP (Risk Advisory Program) – $61k salary, $3k signing bonus KPMG – Risk Consulting, Internal Audit – $65.5k salary, $5k signing bonus I think that KPMG also offers better benefits in terms of PTO and additional certifications, but the money is the main […]

Experienced Hire – Negotiating with B4

I recruited straight out of school into a B4. The game at that level is pretty easy: take whatever they offer. Now, with a couple years of experience and being a senior, I'm thinking about testing the waters to see what the market will bear with another B4 firm. So, as it relates to a […]


I've already passed all of my CPA exams and am a recent graduate. However, I'm having trouble landing an offer at any public accounting firm or a large private company. Maybe I'm too awkward. I don't know. Anyways, I'm thinking about working for the government since I have nothing to lose. Would going the goverment […]

Career Advice

About two months ago I left my audit/tax role at a small accounting firm to be an auditor for the federal government. So far it has been a mess and there's little to no accounting work to do. I am worried that I am jepoardizing my career by staying in this role and need to […]

Senior at B4, career advice needed

I’m currently in a specialty Tax/Audit support group (to keep it somewhat vague) at a B4 firm in one of the large markets for just about two years. I received an early promo to senior this year, but I’ve been really considering leaving and moving somewhere else, possibly a different service line or out of […]

Recently licensed CPA, just got a DWI; what to expect?

I just received my CPA certification in August (hooray) and a DWI in September (bummer). I've looked and don't see anything indicating I need to disclose this to my state board (NC) or employer. But, I am wondering, how will this impact my employment opportunities in the future? Should I anticipate this to be a […]

Loan Staff – Good Idea or Trap?

Me: B4 Tax Senior approached by RM for a loan staff deployment now that busy season is over. Client is not in my industry, but the office is local so there would be no overnight travel. Question: Is this something I should actually consider or is it the typical "learning opportunity" trap? Are loan staff […]

Out of Town Interviews

I'll be scheduling some interviews shortly that are a healthy distance from my B4 office (will require flights). I'm basically going to have to take full days off, but I'm not exactly sure how to request that with things gearing up. To make matters worse, I'm scheduled on a client a few hours from the […]

Audit Associate/Intern Skills

I am a career changer closing in on the home stretch of getting my MACC.  I am currently looking at internship opportunities for Winter 2016, as well as entry level jobs in audit upon graduation.  Having a few years of career experience already (insurance back office operations, not accounting), I recognize that I am not […]

The Rise of the Lifestyle Accountant

You probably spat out your cornflakes reading this. I know I would. Like you, I clock a pretty standard 80 – 100 work week. I look at my friends who work 40 hours a week who complain about 5 hours overtime like this: I have a friend who, like me he worked in public, then […]