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January 29, 2023

business development

Non-Profit Involvement: You Give and You Get

You are involved in the community for all the right reasons. You are giving back and helping others. You’ve also heard it’s a path into the higher echelons of the local business community and a way to get business. How does this happen? WIIFM – What’s In It for Me?You are in the country club […]

What Does ‘Getting Involved’ at a Non-Profit Really Mean?

People are taught: “One way of getting new business is getting involved at a non-profit.” You should be getting involved for different reasons, specifically a belief in the cause and a desire to give back to your community,but it can lead to business. So what does “getting involved" actually mean? It doesn’t stop at joining. […]

How to Make an Impact at a Nonprofit

People join nonprofits for lots of reasons. Often it’s from a desire to give back to the community or passionately support a cause. Other times a person is new to the community and wants to make some connections. This often leads a membership in a local business organization. People exclusively looking for clients might join […]

How Community Involvement Led to a Chance Encounter With a Future British Earl

Being active in your community yields all sorts of unexpected benefits. As many readers of my earlier articles pointed out, you can’t be phony or push business. Others pointed out social contacts usually start on social media, not personal conversations. However, getting out there and being yourself can reap surprising rewards. So how did we […]

Anyone Can Be Interesting, Yes Even You

It takes lots of courage to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation. You occasionally find yourself in social situations and come across really great people. You genuinely want to know them.  Perhaps they have business or career advancement potential, which is an added bonus. The opportunity presents itself and you must make […]

Safe Subjects for Drawing People Into Conversation

Can you make small talk?  Today, technology has largely eliminated the need to walk up to someone and start a conversation.  In a recent TED Talk, Amy Webb spoke on “How I Hacked Online Dating," building a spreadsheet to quantify potential partners.  It worked for her.  But while attending a party, on vacation or attending […]

How to Lay the Groundwork for Future Discussions

We all get the value of social prospecting.  By attending events and not being a jerk you can meet people who can advance your career, become great clients, great friends or your next spouse.  Lots of people get stuck on the being a jerk part.  Social prospecting is similar to dating.  Desperate people don’t get […]

How to Overcome Age and Wealth Differences in Social Prospecting

“Birds of a feather flock together.”  This old proverb implies we are most comfortable socializing with people of similar age and social status.  You are a young(ish) accountant.  The type of people who can potentially lead you to business or advance your career are often far older or 100 times richer than you.  Why will […]

How to Meet a Stranger Without Being Awkward About It

Social prospecting operates along the same principles as dating.  Desperate people don’t get dates.  The person talking is the one having a good time.  Despite the fact you graduated top of your class, starting a conversation with a lone stranger across the room can be terrifying.  How do you do it? The ScenarioYou are at […]

How to Maintain Long-Distance Friendships

Ever play a version of poker called “Pass the Trash?” Players choose cards to discard, passing them to the player on the left. This shouldn’t be your strategy as you move through life, discarding friends and replacing them with temporary new ones. Back in 2013, The New York Times reported the average American knows about […]

Why You Should Try to Make New Business Contacts on Vacation

Vacations are meant for relaxing and unwinding. They aren’t extensions of the office. You want to forget about work for awhile. FYI: The average American may get sixteen days of paid leave, yet four days is the average length of a vacation. Over a quarter of Americans get no vacation time. Let’s assume you take […]

Irrational Clients – Yours, Mine and Ours

As a serious professional you often come across irrational clients. Behavior that’s obviously wrong makes complete sense to them. Sometimes it’s your own clients who have irrational clients as customers. You need to talk them down off the ledge. Here are a few examples. It’s Not Lying if I Neglect to Tell You Something — […]

4 Ideas to Help Accounting Firms Improve Their Marketing

Previously on Going Concern, I wrote a post called "Why Accountants Suck at Marketing." As a follow up, here are four simple ways accountants can do better. Don’t focus on the details of what you do Focus instead on how you make your clients more successful. I love this graphic (from the Intercom Blog). If […]