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September 27, 2023

business communication

Translating White Lies in Business

Ever notice how people say one thing when they mean something else entirely?  Sometimes we call it lying to your face.  Other times it requires some translation. Here are some common ones: We pay competitive salaries.  We don’t pay any more than we have to.  No further explanation is needed. I have nothing to hide.  […]

With So Many Smart Accountants Out There, Sometimes You Gotta Play Dumb

My Intermediate Accounting I professor was a quirky guy. He wore Adidas windpants and t-shirts to class, ate peppermint candies constantly and always complained about how hot it was, even in the dead of winter. A lot of students thought his idiosyncracies were unprofessional but they could not deny that performing well in his class […]

a woman typing on a laptop with way too many emails

Should You Acknowledge Every Email?

When it comes to email, the moment where proper etiquette morphs into a pet peeve is difficult to pinpoint. How many exclamation points are too many?!!!!! The correct answer is: more than one. Should you use the HIGH PRIORITY button? The correct answer is: No. Never. Okay, maybe if you’re about to mauled by a […]