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Big 4 rivalries

Question of the Day: Is EY the New KPMG?

For as long as I can remember, KPMG has always been the butt of Big 4 jokes: Big 3 + KPMG, a golf apparel company masquerading as a Big 4 firm, the red-headed stepchild of the profession, always a bridesmaid and never a bride, Scott London, Caleb worked there, etc. But with the whole ‚Äúpancakes […]

Here’s What Happened At the Big 4 Battle of the Bands

The following is a guest post about Big 4 Battle of the Bands by Krupo, who spent three times as many years training as a pianist than as a Chartered Accountant. Krupo writes at A Counting School and enjoys photography, making pithy observations and being Canadian. The Kool Haus is one of Toronto’s best concert […]