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September 24, 2023

Bean Counter Fashion

Turns Out Your Non-Diverse Wardrobe Probably Makes You a Better CPA

Guys in public accounting, how many blue shirts do you own? For the ladies, how many of the same cardigan in different colors do you own? I get it, I rotate the same few suits when I actually have to appear in public for work in Washington, with the scarf I tie around my neck […]

This Well-Dressed Accountant Is Making The Rest Of You Look Like Scrubs

If you recall an earlier conversation on GC, there are some concerns out there that you all don't dress too good. Personally, I couldn't care less and I'd rather you guys be a bunch of cheap scrubs as it shows you value pinching pennies over being indulgently fancy. Isn't that a quality one should value […]

Gentlemen, Your Life is Now Complete

commuter-tie-low-res.jpgApparently some suit had their headphones ripped out of their ears that caused their iPod to go flying one too many times because Thomas Pink is now presenting the commuter tie for your mp3 device.
Maintaining a stoic demeanor regardless of the circumstances thrown at you on your commute is crucial for any straphanger. The new commuter tie will now guarantee that you’ll be able to listen to Shakira uninterrupted while maintaining your Blue Steel that puts the rest of your fellow commuters to back the F off because I have headphones in and must be respected.