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An ‘Appropriate Email Use’ Refresher May Be Needed for All Big 4 Firms in Ireland

Earlier today we brought up some less-than gentlemanly behavior going on at PwC Ireland. However, that wasn’t the first story of misuse of email coming from the Emerald Isle. You may recall a few bros at KPMG asking for some assistance winning a trip to Whistler, which was received with mixed reviews in the States.

Anyway! Now comes the story – courtesy of our sister from another mister, Dealbreaker – about another KPMG associate maybe not using the best judgment, sharing his plans for putting the moves on a special lady friend with his mate over firm email.

From: Ian [redacted]
Sent: 22 October 2010 10:24
To: John [redacted]
Subject: RE: Wed

Good night on wed man. Good old craic. Any luck with the ladies

Kind Regards,

Ian [redacted]

Financial Services Audit

2 Harbourmaster Place



From: John [redacted]
Sent: 22 October 2010 10:28
To: Ian [redacted]
Subject: RE: Wed

Was a very good night. Got very messy in the end. No luck with the ladies. Had my eyes on this one girl, [redacted]. Some piece of work. But bottled it in the end


From: Ian [redacted]
Sent: 22 October 2010 10:45
To: John [redacted]
Subject: RE: Wed

I know the one your talking about alright. Shes friends with one of my mates in my year. Seems like a nice girl. Gonna chance it next time


From: John [redacted]
Sent: 22 October 2010 11:24
To: Ian [redacted]
Subject: RE: Wed

Definiately going to stick the head in next time. Falling behind on this whole k score thing. Need to get on board. Shes top notch in fairness

What u reckon?


From: Ian [redacted]
Sent: 22 October 2010 11:40
To: John [redacted]
Subject: RE: Wed

Ya, sure go for it if you like her


From: John [redacted]
Sent: 22 October 2010 11:48
To: Ian [redacted]
Subject: RE: Wed

Alright next thurs, im gonna stick the head in. Just wait for the right moment. (When shes drunk) and she cant say no. Got this unreal technique for scoring aswel, called the whisper. I pretend im whispering in her ear and when shes not looking I just kiss her. The element of surprise throws then off and BOOM.


From: Ian [redacted]
Sent: 22 October 2010 12:04
To: [the girl]
Subject: Wed

Hey [girl],

Thought id give u the heads up about this chap John here. Think he has some serious plans for you


From: [everyone who was forwarded this]
To: [everyone they know]
Subject: read from the bottom up!!!

KPMG Ireland Associate Pleads with U.S. Counterparts to Help Him and His Bros Win Ski Getaway

The good ole US of A is always here to help its friends in times of need (whether it’s right or wrong is another matter completely). This reverberates all the way down to the multi-national companies that enjoy expansive networks in the U.S.

Getting to the point: from the mailbag:

I (along with EVERY associate and senior associate in the US) got this email this morning from some idiot staff in KPMG Ireland asking us to vote for him to win a vacation courtesy of Coors Light. I’ve never heard of this guy but apparently thinks he knows all of us well enough to ask us to vote for his stupid beer vacation.

I kid you not — he actually looked up every associate and sr associate distribution list for every region/office and practice. He’s listed as a “Trainee” in the global address book under KPMG Ireland FS Audit (whatever that means). This idiot needs to be taught some email common sense…

But when matters of utmost importance – such as a winning a ski getaway to British Columbia – there is only one place to turn…The United States:

Hey everybody!

Me and 2 friends have entered a competition to win a free ski trip to Whistler, Canada. It just depends on who gets the most votes in a week. If you could follow the link and vote for us I’d really appreciate it.

It only takes about 10 seconds and no registration / email needed. You just enter your D.O.B to enter the main site (or any DOB that makes you over 18) then just hit the ‘vote for us’ tab on our profile –
Ri-Skii Business. If you can forward this to some friends or contacts in your different offices it could really help to put us out in front!


Here’s the plea from the Ri-Skii Business page:

Idiot? Or sheer genius? We’ll let you debate that one. In any case, help the dudes out and go vote. They’re just looking for the next adrenaline rush.

An Opportunity Lost

Thumbnail image for Holly.jpgGang, we’re a little upset about something today. Last week we told you about something that had the potential to turn awards for accountants on its green eyeshade wearing head.
Yes, we’re talking about the doomed Deloitte ballot sent out by Holly Leam-Taylor. Today would have been the day that she had sent out the results of her sluttiest future partner, hottest old man, et al. awards, if it had not been for her inexperience with sending out superficial emails about her colleagues.
If Holly had only consulted with someone, anyone with experience on such matters, they could have explained that Deloitte is not a place for such “fun” things and that using her work email was not the best way to solicit nominations.
Alas, our request for someone to pick up where Holly left off has been roundly ignored and here we are on a Friday with nothing to share about Deloitte’s hottest men in London.
So far we’ve been unable to track down Holly since her Deloitte email has been obliterated. Holly, if you’re out there, get in touch. We’ll get your side of the story out there. We know you’re fed up but this will be fun. We promise. Anyone else that can put us in touch with Holly, please help. We’re still getting over our disappointment.

Does This Mean We Aren’t Going to Find Out Who’s Sleeping Their Way to Partner?

Dammit people, what’s with the amateurs? If you’re going to superficially judge your co-workers, wouldn’t common sense tell you to not to use a work email address?

Holly Leam-Taylor became the latest victim of a viral email craze when her light hearted message to colleagues spread like wildfire across the internet.

In the email, entitled Deloitte First year analysts Christmas Awards, sent on December 8, Ms Leam-Taylor asked her female colleagues to vote on which men in the office they considered most attractive.

A terribly disappointing turn of events, since it was all in good fun:

Miss Leam-Taylor, who studied at Warwick University before landing a place on the prestigious Deloitte graduate trainee scheme, said: “Obviously I never imagined the email would reach this level of awareness. Most people have recognised that what I wrote was in good spirit, but in retrospect I realise it probably wasn’t the best idea.
“It was my choice to resign and I will not be providing any further comment.”
Speaking at the family home in Staines, Middlesex, her father Andrew said: “She is very fed up about the whole thing.”

She’s fed up? What about the rest of us? We were expecting RESULTS.

Pictures, STD reports, the works. Now what the hell are we supposed to do? Is anyone willing to pick this up where poor Holly left off? If you do pick up the torch for crissakes, use a personal email address.

We cannot express our devastation further.

Analyst quits over embarrassing email [Telegraph]

And the Award for Deloitte Analyst Most Likely to Sleep His Way to the Top Goes To…

Gents, are you sick of being treated like eye candy? Are you tired of getting attention for your looks when all you want to do his serve your capital markets? Being judged for alleged promiscuity with superiors?

No? Cool with it? Good, because there are awards being handed out across the pond primarily based on your superficial qualities and your willingness to whore yourself out for personal success (click to enlarge).

Picture 2_jpeg.jpg

We’re filling out our ballot now but as the message says, you’ve got until the 18th, so ponder these carefully. Barry Salzberg is a lock at #6, especially if he’s wearing a hard hat.

Btw, who is going to tabulate the votes? We sure as hell can’t trust anyone from Deloitte to do it. Consider this the official RFP.
Also discuss your thoughts on the categories included, what categories are omitted, nominate yourself by sending us photos (we’ll pass them along). Anything on your mind, really.