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Switch to Big 4 or Stay Local

Brief background: Im currently an exp staff at a smaller regional firm in a big city. I got promoted from Staff after starting within 6 months, and was told i’m on track for another promotion if i continue receiving excellent reviews. I have 2 combine years in a consulting (National CPA firm) and IA (Large international comp) background.

Situation: I moved to this new city for this job because i knew that external audit would align with my career goals best. I have been here for about 9 months. I recently have just been courted by a B4 rep about being relocated to another city for 2 years, very far away, and beginning audit work in an industry i have no experience in. My new city is actually closer to my parents (they relocated here about 4 years ago), and I am currently in a relationship of ~6 mo. My intention was also to start with my MBA within the next 2 years, at a university in the city i just moved to.

Question: is B4 experience (being able to put that on your resume) worth leaving family, leaving a new relationship and starting essentially a new life in a new city? The prospect seems attractive, but from what i know about B4 I would probably be doing b***h work for a long time there. My current firm is very lax with WFH, taking PTO and traveling. Would i be giving something up that is very rare?

Thank you everyone, in advance, for your advice!!