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Sweet Little Old Lady Didn’t Cash Mistaken Refund Check Out of Fear That Alcatraz Would Reopen Just for Her

Ginny Hopkins has waited tables at Johnny's Downtown in Cleveland for 20 years. In that amount of time, it's safe to say, Ginny has wished that a bag of money would fall off an armored truck, landing right at her feet or maybe some other financial miracle that would take her far away from the Mistake on the Lake.

Well! By the grace of the Almighty (or whatever), that miracle happened recently. But despite plenty of advice to the contrary, Ginny opted to decline the opportunity to take the money and run. You see, she received a tax refund check from the U.S. Treasury for $434,712, not the $754 she was expecting. Knowing full well that this was a mistake – and that if she did cash it, TPTB would deem hard time in an archaic prison an appropriate punishment – Ginny returned the check.  

Ginny seems like a spry gal, so maybe she could've made a run for it, but we respect her honesty. Any readers in Cleveland should find her and offer to carry her groceries for a month.

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