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Stay or go?

Hey all,

Just wanted to get some outside perspective on the situation I am currently facing.  I just completed my first busy season as an audit senior at a Big 4 in a decent sized market in the Southeast.  Started searching pretty vigorously after busy season for other opportunities.  Found a job at a Fortune 30 Company offering a base salary increase of 29.3%. 

From talking with various recruiters and exploring other options, this seems like a pretty substantial bump.  I guess my hesitation in leaving stems from having to start over somewhere new (systems, colleagues, etc.).  I really believe the Big 4 firms have so much to offer in terms of career growth, there are always opportunities to grow…I'm worried of running into dead ends at the Fortune 30 company, or just not getting noticed.  Also interested in exploring some other non-audit (i.e. transactions, valuations, etc.) practices within current Big 4 employer, but obviously won't have a definitive answer on that before accepting/rejecting current offer.


If anyone has faced a similar dilemma, or has any thoughts on how to approach the situation, any input would be greatly appreciated!  Also, if you have any thoughts on the following questions, I would be appreciative of that as well.  Thanks 

1) Where does a 30% salary bump fall with other peoples' experiences?

2) Without being unreasonable, what is a fair amount of time to decide whether to accept the offer or not?

3) How did you make your decision whether to stay or go?  If you stayed, were you able to find equal opportunities down the road (the next year, or the year after….)?