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Stay or go? Big 4 SALT


At a crossroads and would appreciate some feedback – need to decide whether to take a big 4 SALT senior position or stay at current firm. I'm happy at my current firm (regional), I like the people I work for, am taking my career in the direction I want, good commute, flexibility in schedule.  I mainly do compliance and provision work (both federal and state) for our larger corporate clients (lower mid-market companies).  I want to do more consulting / advisory work, of which the opportunities seem pretty limited where I am at the moment.

I have a good offer on the table from a big 4 – I've been told (by the big 4 firm) about 50-60% compliance and 40-50% consulting / advisory is what to expect.  My concern is that the reality would be the same as I what I do now – almost all compliance / provision work, with a sprinkling of consulting / advisory.  My background is I'm a CPA (so I'm likely viewed as a numbers guy as opposed to a lawyer).  I don't have much time to make a decision so I'm trying to gather as much input as I can.  I'm young so I have plenty of time to try different things, but I also don't want to give up a pretty good gig with good short-term prospects.  The increased commute I would not be looking forward to (travelling into the city each day vs. staying in the suburbs), but for the right opportunity not a problem.  Long-term, not sure whether I would want to move to industry or stay in public, too early to say.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.