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Footnotes: Scamming Scammers; Blame the Accountants; Lucky Lotto Winners | 03.31.14

U.S. Firms Hold Record $1.64 Trillion in Cash With Apple in Lead [Bloomberg]

Go Ahead, Blame the Accountants You see, it wasn't MF Global's fault that it bought all of that European debt or went bankrupt. Blame the accountants! As if Corzine, who once was co-chairman of Goldman Sachs, was the sort of Wall Street executive who made investing decisions based on advice from accountants. [Bloomberg View]

The $2.4 Billion Tax Question for Caterpillar [WSJ]

Va. couple wins lottery three times in same month Filed under: people having a better busy season than you [USA Today]

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg only made $1 in base salary last year [BBW]

The IRS totes ruined Bitcoin [CNNMoney]

A group promising to protect seniors from scams has scammed seniors [Consumerist]

Life at Deloitte does not include understanding the definition of "coincidence" [Twitter]

Hasbro is crowdsourcing new Monopoly rules [The Economist]So

Someone got creative about cheating the HOV lane… and was caught [Daily Mail]