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Spain Can’t Seem to Locate Missing Auditor Before Court Date

I smell a Ken Lay coming on here:

Spain's High Court said on Thursday the judge investigating the collapse of wireless networks provider Gowex had issued a search and detain warrant for the company's auditor, who had gone missing.

Antonio Diaz Villanueva, from small firm M&A Auditores, is due to testify in court on Friday as part of an investigation into an alleged accounting fraud at the firm, but the court said it had not been able to find him.

Gowex boss Jenaro Garcia Martin has been charged with a grab bag full of good stuff, from false accounting to insider trading. Meanwhile, Villanueva, who signed off on audits of Gowex, is MIA and Garcia Martin's wife — who served as "head of investor relations" at Gowex — is out of the country. This will definitely end well.