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Someone With Lots of Spare Time Has Doodled Big 4 Stereotypes

Like 'em or not, stereotypes exist for a reason. For example, guys like Colin are always riding around on their bicycle and using high brow words to show how obscure their compendium of knowledge is. And cat ladies like me are always sporting cat hair on our t-shirts and talking about what our cat did today.

The word has negative connotations because it can also be used to pigeonhole certain groups of people based on things like race or age and that's not cool but that's just how the human brain works. It likes to be able to sort everything outside of ourselves, and stereotypes help it do just that. Unfortunately, stereotypes can also be something of a self-fulfilling prophesy, causing us to under-perform because we believe we aren't supposed to be good at something.

But let's not get all science-y right now.

Someone out there who does not want credit for this masterpiece came up with a doodle of Big 4 stereotypes. Before we let loose with the artist's interpretation, see if you understand what each is supposed to convey:

(descriptions on next page)

From the artist:

PwC– was supposed to be a little stuck up/snobbish, looking down on everyone, but he is short, making him just look silly
Deloitte– jock (I guess bro works too!)
EY– hipster [Note the uncanny similarity to Colin down to the glasses and intentionally unkempt hair]
KPMG– gamer/comic nerd, also sort of a wanna be hipster (thus the sideways glance at EY)
GT– is the little sister who wants to fit in with the cool kids, a little left behind; she also sort of symbolizes the lack of women presence in upper-level roles

NAILED IT. Although who authorized Deloitte guy to come to work in shorts and a tank top? Oh well.