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October 2, 2023


In Honor of International Women’s Day, Let’s Recall Some Important Rules For Women In the Workplace

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! Yes, even you men. Actually, especially men. We’re counting on you all to lead the way and set a good example for those among you who may not have gotten the memo that women contribute so much more to society than clean dishes. Even something small like recognizing the achievements […]

Here Comes the Stupid Advice For Employers on How to Attract ‘Zoomers’

Well, we knew this day would come. I mean, it was inevitable what with the oldest millennials (myself included, depending on who you ask) turning 40 soon. There was only so long The Olds could continue speaking about millennials as if they are some baffling force fueled by Cap’n Crunch and cellphone radiation, but now […]

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Accounting Firm Partners Impressed by Millennials Not Acting Millennialish

Sure, these millennials look like they aren’t doing anything. But these are just stock photos. They aren’t real life. In this column at CPA Practice Advisor, accounting firm consultant Marc Rosenberg writes about putting a bunch of partners into a room with a couple of millennial accountants and hilarity ensues when they all break out […]

KPMG UK Succumbs to Millennials’ Bellyaching on Slow Recruitment Process

Millennials detest many things. This list of things would include: slow wifi signals; conventional produce, talking on the phone, check books, high fructose corn syrup, cars, shopping in a physical store, albums, coal, gluten, movies that don't stream on Netflix, being called a Millennial, and Millennial stereotypes, just to name a few. But perhaps one […]

If You Love Math, You’re Going to Loooove Being an Accountant

So Young CPA Network shared this Business Insider post on Twitter earlier today, where "Accountant" ranked #6 as The 10 Best Jobs For People Who Love Math: 6. Accountant Overall score: 405 Annual median salary: $63,175 BLS projected growth (through 2020): 14%  Work environment score: 48 Stress score: 19 What they do: Prepares and analyzes financial reports to assist managers […]

Someone With Lots of Spare Time Has Doodled Big 4 Stereotypes

Like 'em or not, stereotypes exist for a reason. For example, guys like Colin are always riding around on their bicycle and using high brow words to show how obscure their compendium of knowledge is. And cat ladies like me are always sporting cat hair on our t-shirts and talking about what our cat did […]

This Way to the CPA Is Watching Out for You, Bullied Accountants

As a voice of both accountant advocacy and accountant mockery, we feel a bit torn by this predicament.  If you hear someone mocking accountants, you know what to do. Ammo to help you fight the #accounting stereotype: — ThisWayToCPA (@ThisWayToCPA) October 21, 2013 On the one hand, we can't help ourselves but point and […]

The Generational Divide in the Accounting Profession and Why It Matters

So lucky me, I just got home from a trip to Turf Valley to hang out with the Maryland Association of CPAs for their Generational Symposium, which you totally missed this morning. It wasn't a massive crowd but it's not the number of attendees that mattered, it's the fact that the accounting profession is willing […]

PwC Gender Agenda Blog Would Have You Believe All Women Are Shoe Crazy

Want a laugh? Check out PwC's Gender Agenda blog. Granted, no one's bothered to update it since October so your laughs will be old and crusty but hey, they're accountants, not writers, who expects them to actually update the blog they took the time to create and populate? I don't know about you but I […]