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Accounting News Roundup: Best Cities for Self-Employed Accountants; Workcations; Skills That Pay Off Forever | 06.24.15

Ryder Awaiting Lease Accounting Changes, CFO Says [CFOJ]
He also believes revenue recognition and lease accounting rules should be "[put] in place at the same time."

Fundraising values Palantir at $20bn [FT]
The company got its start "providing intelligence and analytics to government agencies" but has expanded to offering "anti-fraud services, warnings about insider trading threats and programmes to accelerate research and development in pharmaceuticals."

This Summer, How About a Workcation? [WSJ]
It's either a good idea, or an awful one: "Americans are pretty lousy at taking vacations, so workcations may just formalize what most workers already do: check in on the job while away."

Best Cities for Self-Employed Accountants [Zen99]
Toledo, OH: #1; Denver, CO: #2; San Jose, CA: #3.

10 skills that are hard to learn but pay off forever [BI]
A good one: "Knowing when to shut up."

City of London traffic halted by protest over cyclist's death [BBC]
Sadly, a PwC employee, Ying Tao, 26, was killed when she was biking to work on Monday.

Airline passenger's erratic behaviour 'and demand for nuts' caused flight diversion [Telegraph]
Jeremiah Mathis Thede, from California, got up 15 minutes into the flight and demanded "nuts or crackers." Then things got weirder: "[T]en minutes later he got up and demanded more nuts and crackers, the policeman told judge Christopher Holmes. He said crew members then advised the passenger he would only get another snack if there were some left over after packets had been given to other travellers. The officer said Thede allegedly replied: 'I can have as much nuts and crackers as I f****** want.' "