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Some Guy Who Spent One Year as a KPMG Auditor Is Now CEO of the Next New/Soon-to-Be-Failed Professional Football League

Tommy Craggs has a big scoop at Deadspin today about plans for the Spring Professional Football League which, according to one expert, "is XFL redux without the pizzazz and the McMahon baggage, but with all of the other flaws." Sounds like a winner! 

The confidential summary includes a private placement memo and all the gory details you could possibly want from business strategy to cheerleaders. But the most interesting tidbit is the SPFL's CEO, Mark Singleton. His bio states that he "practiced public accounting for 20+ years," receiving his BBA in accounting from UT-Austin in 1979. He joined KPMG after graduation but his LinkedIn profile shows that he only spent one year there. That's where Singleton's career gets a little murky. According to his profile, his experience is listed as Founder and CEO of Amend America, a nonprofit that is "Bringing Democracy to the Internet" and Owner of Mark Singleton Investments. Each of these ventures began in 2010. Now, I realize LinkedIn profiles can be spotty at times but this is a 30-year gap and some people might take that as a warning sign. And if he has practiced public accounting for 20+ years, wouldn't a person include that? I mean, he went to the trouble of listing KPMG, why wouldn't he include other experience?  Personally, if you want to take off for 30 years, that's cool with me, but I'm also completely unqualified for identifying talent for this particular position.

Whatever, right? The most important fact here is that this man is a Klynveldian alum. The problem is, I was busy keeping my parents up with dirty diapers when this guy was the firm, which means I can think of exactly one, maybe two partners that have been with the firm since those days. The chances of them knowing him are slim and the chances of any of you knowing him are probably just as slim. 

But no matter! We're not above throwing a line out there, so if you know Mr. Singleton from his day(s) at KPMG or from his other public accounting adventures, we'd love to hear from you. Email us your story and if you're a one-year wonder at KPMG, keep hope alive! You can still go places!

Exclusive: Here Are Plans For A New Professional Football League, Run By Former NFL, XFL, And USFL Executives [Deadspin]