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Deloitte Employees Understandably Jumpy After Receiving ‘My Compliance Violations’ Email

Something from the mailbag this morning:

Wanna see 60,000+ employees freak-out for a hot second and halt productivity for a bit , send them a firm wide e-mail with the below subject…

Imagine, if you dare, being a Deloitte audit professional and receiving an email with the following:

From: Ethics & Compliance Monitoring 
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2013 10:21 AM
Subject: My Compliance Violations

[Wait. Think, think, what did I do? Oh, did I backdate those audit workpapers? SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. I did. Is my career over? Wait, did I forward that farewell email outside the firm. I did. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. How long will my compliance violations be?!]

Considering some of the troubles that have dogged Deloitte herethere, and everywhere, many Deloitte employees would take this as notice that they had become unwitting pawns  wrapped up in yet another scandal at the firm. 

But it's nothing, our source says, "This was to tell us of some new section of our compliance profile page […] that summarizes our independence, CED, T&E report requirements but the way my entire audit/advisory team read it, we all had a violation occurrence." The email goes on:

My Compliance Violations now available

You’ve probably noticed how My Compliance Dashboard has a whole new look and a lot of new functionality. Now you’ll be able to have even more information at your fingertips.

A new feature, My Compliance Violations (MCV), is being rolled out so that you can access a secure view of your compliance violations history from June 2010 to the present.

Many of you don’t have any compliance violations showing on MCV. However, if you do, the information on this page can remind you of where you’ll want to focus your compliance activities, and also help you understand what might be taken into consideration during the evaluation process should any further compliance violations occur. Having this report available to you at any time will provide confirmation of your compliance record in one central location.

Despite the message's sunny disposition in the opening, it's not really clear until the third paragraph that this is just another email that could simply be ignored. Maybe the E&C people are sick and tired of people hitting 'Delete' on their hard work and this is a little bit of payback?  If so, well played. The audit practice has to be touchy when it comes to this stuff.