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So Who’s the GAASMAN?

As a young, stupid person, I thought vanity license plates were cool. This delusion caused me to get plates that said "DOGG," (the origin of this is too long to go into) for a brief period of time. I was rightly mocked by my friends, their parents, teachers, enemies, the regulars who came into the bar where I worked, and fastidious canines in my small Nebraska town.

This experience taught me a couple of things: 1) Don't be young and stupid in a small town and 2) Vanity plates are NOT cool.

Lots of people do not learn either of these lessons to their own peril. Lesson #2 especially.

Observe — I stumbled across a "USGAAP" license plate last week and people jumped all over it. I suppose it didn't help that the car was a Porsche but it's a little puzzling why someone would put "USGAAP" on a license plate.

I'm sure he — you know it's a man — has a reasonable explanation for the choice, similar to the proctologist who was behind the "ASSMAN" plates in the "The Fusilli Jerry" Seinfeld episode.

Which makes me think "GAASMAN" might be the perfect vanity plate for a passionate auditor.

And then I remember the importance of lesson #2.