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Should I stay until partner?

Hello All,

I’m currently a junior in college, I’m triple majoring in Accounting, Computer Science, and Mathematics, my current GPA is a 4.0. On top of that, I’m also president of Beta Alpha Psi, and I’m the treasurer for another organization. In my spare time, I like to read the Wall Street journal and play golf with my dad.

With my business acumen and grades, I know I have a very good chance of making audit partner at a big 4. I know the usual time frame is 16 years, but I believe that I can make partner in 10 years. I passed my intermediate accounting class with a 98, so my understanding of GAAP and IFRS is quite substantial.

I want to make partner due to the earning potential and pension benefits. My dad was an audit manager for PwC before he went to work for a Fortune 500, and he too believes that I have a great chance of making partner in 10 years.

I have an offer from Goldman Sachs as an analyst, but I really want to be a big 4 partner. What should I do?