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To Go Big 4 or Regional?

Hi there,

I'm a college senior in the DC Metro area and I have two full-time job offers; one for a big 4 firm, and another for a regional firm. I am aware of the drawbacks at a big 4 (working like a slave for ex.) but I still feel like it will be very beneficial for my career to start off there. On the other hand, the regional firm is definitely not as prestigious, but they are offering a higher base salary by 3.5k. I also really liked the people there, they seemed very down to Earth and friendly (although everyone I met at the Big 4 office seemed really nice as well). So with that being said, can I get some advice about which firm to pick? Is it worth it to start with a lower pay at a Big 4 for the possiblity of better career opportunities in the future? Will it be harder for me to find jobs elsewhere if I decide to go with the regional firm? Any honest response is appreciated, thanks.