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Senior manager at Deloitte vs Grant Thornton

I am 37 years old. Currently a high performing senior manager at Deloitte. Goal is to become a partner and not a managing director. Currently in my service line we are a bit top heavy. I am already a 4 th year SM. Might have to wait longer and also I don't see strong chances unless I push hard.

Grant Thornton approached me with an opportunity. Their practice is not as big actually a lot smaller than ours. But they are giving me a lot more responsibilities. Basically their central region leader for this sub service line even as a senior manager. With a path to promotion in 2-3 years. With an understanding that I will meet some numbers which they laid out. 

Please let me know your thoughts? I like Deloitte. But how is GT as a firm? To move at senior manager level?  Do partners at GT have same benefits as partners at Deloitte?