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Accountant Can’t Bear the Thought of Serving Clients on the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic Sinking

As CPAs and capital market servants, you are all acutely aware that that serving clients to the best of your ability is priority numero uno. Forget your family and friends. Forget your pets. Forget your beloveds.  Clients complete you in ways that those other people/animals can't possibly understand.

Sure, there is the occasional event that wouldn't allow you to cater immediately to a client's need but it'd better be a damn good reason. While attending the birth of children and funerals of loved ones are typically allowed, and a nuclear attack or Diet Coke break are also in the realm of serious matters, some CPAs out there have more obscure life-altering events that will cause them to give clients the "I need a minute" finger. Enter Howard Owens, an accountant near Riverside, California who has had a "Titanic fascination since childhood," reports the New York Times:

On the evening of April 14, the Balmoral cruise ship will arrive at the spot where the Titanic sank 100 years ago. A memorial service will be held there at 2:20 a.m. on April 15, when the Titanic went down. Mr. Owens, 56, and his wife, Terry, spent close to $11,000 each for the 12-night crossing, which will also require him to shut down his office at the worst possible time.
“A client of mine said, ‘Why would you close at the middle of the tax season?’ I said, ‘I didn’t pick the day the Titanic sank,’ ” Mr. Owens said. “I have to be there. I just have to.”
Sure, this seems a little bizarre. A grown man obsessed with the Titanic, leaving his livelihood behind so that he can be on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic in the middle of night to remember a bunch of people that he didn't know but from the sounds of it, you don't want to get in the way of this CPA and his dream. The wife is probably lucky that she's even going.