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The Second Batch of CPA Exam Scores for the July/August Testing Window Have Been Released

You've worked hard all summer, given up exotic vacations, BBQs, boozing on patios and everything else awesome about summer just for this moment. Will the sweet taste of victory pass your lips or will you be sent crawling back to your Peter Olinto lectures with your head hanging low?

It can't be emphasized enough that the results of this exam could set the tone for your entire professional career. Continued failure probably means that you'll never be on an email that gets leaked to Going Concern. Don't let that happen, Mr. or Ms. 73-for-the-fourth-damn-time. Bang your head against your desk for a few moments and then get back to those books. 

As for the victors, there's no reason you shouldn't go buy a dozen cupcakes, eat them, and then take the rest of the day off until the diabetic shock wears off. You've earned it.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, you are granted the opportunity to give your victory/concession speech here since standing on your chair at work will likely result in you being escorted from the building. Proceed.