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RSM’s 6.9% Increase In Global Revenue For 2019 Seems Respectable

Revenue growth for RSM’s global network of firms over the past few years has been steady, if not unremarkable. From 2014 to 2018, global revenue increased an average of about 5.3% each year. But everything was on the up and up for RSM in 2019.

Other than what’s in this infographic, RSM wasn’t too transparent with total revenue pulled in by its regions and service lines. For example, what about auditing services?

Regional growth was particularly strong in North America (14.8%), with Asia Pacific also experiencing a significant increase (6.0%). Across the network, 77% of RSM member firms grew their revenues, with 46% experiencing double-digit growth. In an increasingly complex and data driven regulatory landscape, service line growth was led by tax services (11.7%) and consulting services (7.2%).

You’d think transparency would be at the forefront for a firm that has the tagline of “The Power of Being Understood.” Guess not.


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