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Review Wiley’s New FAR Test Bank App for Free

Wiley CPA Review has been cranking out mobile-friendly versions of its print titles, priced pretty close to their tree-killing counterparts.

Like these AUD Focus Notes On-the-Go for Android, which run $34.99. The actual bound version of the new AUD Focus Notes (not due out until December of 2011 according to Wiley’s website) is $40.

Wiley has an entire series of “candidate-friendly” (read: SFW) options for CPA review, including the online test bank and above mentioned Android (and iPhone) apps of their Focus Notes but making the Test Bank (some of you know this as the CD-ROM or software) available to Androids and iPhones opens up all new possibilities. Studying on the train or with a privacy screen in your own cube or in the bathroom (if they ask why you are in the bathroom so much, tell them sorry, must have been those hours I ate).

Per FCC regulations (I think), we have to say if we have been compensated to write a blog post about a product, service or company. We haven’t been paid to write about Wiley’s new offering but we were asked if we’d like to test one of their CPA review apps for free to write this post. I own a BlackBerry so that’s useless to me, plus I’m not (now nor ever) studying for the CPA exam. Therefore, Wiley has entrusted me to figure out which one of you gets a new FAR Test Bank app (presumably you need to have an iPhone or Android device to qualify).

We could have run some lame ass caption contest but instead, tell us in the comments how you best utilize the extra 30 – 120 minutes a day of review you can gain by studying from your mobile device. Creativity counts.

The answer with the most likes wins (unless Caleb and I reserve executive authority and declare it rigged and/or not funny, so don’t cheat by clicking 100 times from the client’s IP). Contest ends… uh… Friday 7/29/11 at 12:00 AM Eastern.

Be sure to use a real email address so we can contact you to let you know you’ve won, so trolls are disqualified.

All we ask is that you check in at some point and let us know what did and didn’t work (if applicable) for you. Get crackin’