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Review Comments | 12.15.09

Thumbnail image for tax man.jpgWhy, Oh Why, Must Stimulus Come but Once a Year? – Namely, your tax withholding refund. Which you’re loaning to the government tax free for the rest of the year. [Tax Update Blog]
Over 275,000 Federal Workers Are Tax Deadbeats – That seems about right. [TaxProf Blog]
re: The Auditors Named One of 75 Best Business Blogs of 2009: Business Pundit – Congrats Francine! [RTA]
The continuing Mary Kay Cosmetics con – “The reason why sites telling the “other side of the story” about May Kay is because the company’s success depends so heavily on half-truths, long-running myths, and outright deception.” [Fraud Files Blog]
The Updated 990 – The Seminar Topic that won’t go Away (Thankfully!) [Nonprofit GPS]
‘Dreamliner’ Pilot: Composite Jet Is New, But ‘We Think We’re OK’ – Place your orders now. [NPR]