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Review Comments | 11.10.09

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Tax Code.jpgTax Code as Swiss Army Scalpel – “It’s hard enough for the IRS to just correctly determine and collect the tax. Pelosicare is one more step in the transfromation of the IRS from a tax collector to a super-agency that shoves aside the cabinet officers nominally in charge of public policy.” [Tax Update Blog]
‘Unreasonable’ IRS Demands Squash Bunnymen Tour – Those wankers at the IRS have ruined November. [Web CPA]
Ex-Managers of Bear Fund Not Guilty – Took the jury less than two days, DOJ. Try harder on the next one. [WSJ]
GM Chairman Says IPO Timing Uncertain; Paying Debt More Important – Patience. We’ll get back to losing money for everyone just as soon as we can. [WSJ]
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